How to Use Multiple Snapchat Filters

A recent Snapchat update adds a new superfast filter and official support for using multiple Snapchat filters on your photos and videos at once. This isn’t entirely new, but you can now stack up to 5 filters on top of a Snapchat video or photo.

Currently, the Snapchat update is only available on iPhone. The Android Snapchat update has been lagging behind the iPhone one lately.

This new Snapchat update for iPhone adds a few new options and features for users. Last Android Snapchat The update adds features like the Story chat the iPhone got earlier this month and the ability to use Lenses with the rear-facing camera.

Learn how to use multiple Snapchat filters on a video or photo.

With December Snapchat update for iPhone users can now put five filters on a photo or video, use a super fast filter that speeds things up, and use the new Story Explorer.

With the new Story explorer, users can Explore some Live Stories. If you see a moment in a Story that you want to see more of, you can swipe up and see Snaps for that moment.

One of the new Snapchat features we think people will be excited to use is adding multiple Snapchat filters to a video or photo. You’ve been able to stack Snapchat filters for a while, but this new Snapchat update now lets you use up to 5 Snapchat filters at once.

The video below shows you how to use multiple Snapchat Filters, including the new Super Fast filter.

You can use Snapchat filters on photos and videos to change colors based on how fast you go, how much battery life your phone has, temperature and your location, and add options like fun text and stickers.

Make sure to install the latest Snapchat update to get this new feature on iPhone. Chances are good that an Android Snapchat update will add the same features soon.

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