How to Use Mac Emoji

Using Mac emojis anywhere but in Messages is difficult, but to use emoji in any app or any web page on your Mac, you just need to know a keyboard shortcut.

We’ll show you how to use Mac emoji anywhere you can type on your Mac. You can use the same emoji as on your iPhone, iPad or Android.

This guide will focus on macOS Sierra, which is a free upgrade for most Apple computers. This includes the latest Emoji options that match what you have on your iPhone and iPad.

Using emoji on your Mac is easy, but not many people know the right keys to press to open the Mac emoji keyboard.

How to Use Mac Emoji

Here’s everything you need to know to use the Mac emoji to spice up your messages. It only takes a second to learn and is actually pretty easy to remember.

  1. Click on the text field where you want to put the emoji. This can be in an app or on a web page.
  2. Press the Command and Control keys simultaneously on your keyboard, and then press while holding the spacebar.

    Click on the Mac emoji you want to use.

  3. The emoji picker opens just below that and you can double click to add and emoji.
  4. To find emojis, you can swipe up or down, click on the categories at the bottom, and search using the box at the top.
  5. After selecting a Mac emoji, the selector will disappear. If you need to hide it, you can click elsewhere on your screen.

Want to use a lot of emoji in your message? You will need to repeat this process. If you want the same emoji, you can copy and paste the emoji you entered earlier.

A larger Mac emoji picker with more options.

A larger Mac emoji picker with more options.

If you want a bigger emoji picker on Mac, click the small window icon in the top right. This will allow you to see the emoji in a larger window and slightly larger. You will need to click the X in the upper left to close this window.

You can send Mac emojis to others on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad or Android and post them on social media like Facebook and Twitter or Instagram comments.

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