How to Use Less Snapchat Data and Get Better Battery Life

One of the most common Snapchat problems is that it uses too much data, followed closely by complaints that it’s using too much battery life. A new Snapchat update adds a lot of data download stories you won’t watch and Travel Mode to help you use Snapchat without using media.

To get the new Snapchat Travel Mode, you need to update your iPhone or iPad app and then turn this mode on. This new Snapchat update adds an option to limit data usage only when on mobile or cellular data, but most users don’t need to worry about data limits on WiFi usage while on Snapchat.

A Snapchat update was delivered earlier this year higher than average data usage for some users, and an update back in July brought back complaints about battery life and data usage. With the latest Snapchat Travel Mode and an older Power Saver mode, users can control the data they use on Snapchat and help extend battery life.

The new Snapchat Update helps you use less Snapchat data with Snapchat Travel Mode.

To find the latest Snapchat Update, go to App Store on iPhone or iPad and Google Play Store on Android devices. This will enable the new Snapchat Travel Mode feature that will help you take control of your data usage.

If you need to see how much data your Snapchat usage is taking up, you can use the . On Android, you can use this guide to see which apps are using the most data, and this guide to see how to do it on Samsung smartphones.

How to Use Less Snapchat Data

With the new Snapchat update, you can use less Snapchat data while on cellular. This is an important way to limit your data usage and avoid higher bills at the end of the month due to Snapchat addiction. You can continue to use Snapchat while saving data and using Travel Mode, and it will not affect snapshots sent directly to you.

Here’s how you can turn on Snapchat travel mode to use less Snapchat data while on mobile. You don’t need to use this while traveling. If you normally spend a lot of time on Snapchat while away from WiFi, you can use Snapchat Data Saver names to control your usage.

Go to Snapchat settings.

Go to Snapchat settings.

  1. and at the top middle of the screen or .
  2. in the upper right corner.

    Turn on Snapchat Travel Mode.

    Turn on Snapchat Travel Mode.

  3. Under , .
  4. .
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This will prevent Stories and other content from preloading when on mobile. They will still load automatically while on WiFi. This may slow you down to start watching stories while on mobile data as it doesn’t preload the story in anticipation of watching it, but it will help you use less Snapchat data each month. If you don’t like this option, you can turn it off again at any time.

How to Get Better Snapchat Battery Life

If your iPhone or Android smartphone’s battery life is lousy, Snapchat may be the cause. You can go to see if Snapchat is a big reason why iPhone battery life is bad. On Android devices like the Galaxy S6, use this guide to see if Snapchat is using up your battery life.

To turn on Snapchat Power Saving Mode, you can go to the section as outlined above and then toggle it on.

This will turn off your camera after a short period of inactivity. While this may seem small, it can help save battery life as some phones will increase the screen brightness when the camera is active and the camera itself is using power.

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