How to use iPhone Reminders to get things done

Here’s a guide on how to stay on track using iOS reminders The app is better known as iPhone reminders to many. There are many things we need to be reminded of throughout the day. From taking out the trash when we get home to calling the insurance company and picking up milk at the store – the list is never ending.

With the built-in Reminders App, Apple Unified great way to make sure to stay over To watch with all your upcoming plans and needs. There are multiple ways to create reminders using the app and other entities within iOS to keep you aware of your life.

Stay Tracked Using Reminders for iOS

Here are some steps to better use Reminders to stay updated.

Watch the video above to learn more about reminders and the different ways to use them.

How to Set Reminders with Siri

one of the best Widespread My tendency to use my Reminders app to use Siri to quickly add tasks without entering the application. This is probably most suitable It can be the way to use reminders and the best example of application integration.

To ask Siri to do this, faucet and keep yours house button talk. Ask Siri to remind you whatever you need and to indicate a time or a place or other relevant information. If all goes well, Siri will display your new Reminder and to approve or make changes if necessary.

I will use this method often recurrent reminders, such as paying certain bills or performing vehicle maintenance. If you can tell Siri to “Remind me every 6 weeks” or similar, it will understand when you are talking about it. It will let you know that you have created a recurring reminder.

How to Share Reminders with Friends and Family

Reminders App is also a community adjustment and connect multiple invitees to make sure everyone follows the same schedule. At the top of the Reminders app Plus Icon that can be used to create a new Reminder or a new reminder List.


There may be a new List namedindicated by colour and reminders can now be added that will be separate from your default list. Faucet Completed Once these steps are complete. To share the calendar now To organise Again to reveal Sharing tab.

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From sharing you will be able to: Add person to share with. when are you to send most InviteThey will receive an email or iMessage with a link to add them to your Shared Reminders List. This is a very similar behavior that Calendar and Notes use to share content, so this may sound familiar if you’ve shared with these apps.


Now when you or the person you added Update reminders list, update on other device. This is a great solution for chores, grocery lists, travel destinations, or anything else you might want to collaborate on in a reminder setting.

Reminders app is a simple application yet many uses and integrations visible on all iOS. I’ve really managed to stay on track with my commitments by constantly reminding myself with Siri or manually. To use timed List It will also give you a great headset for all the items that need to be delivered today, and the Reminders widget too. Lock screen for even more convenience.