How to Use iPhone Calendar

Here is a guide on how to use the Calendar app on your iPhone to keep track of important events.

iPhone has become a constant daily planner for many users, and the Calendar app in particular is essential for setting a good schedule.

There are many third-party iPhone calendar apps out there, but Apple’s app has grown a bit over various IOS upgrades and is now quite versatile in appearance and application, despite its simplicity.

How to Use iPhone Calendar

Here is a guide on the best uses for the Calendar app on iPhone.

Watch the video above for steps on how to make your iOS Calendar easier to use.

Using Different Views in the Calendar

The iPhone Calendar app lets you view your day or month in several different views.

There is the more traditional Monthly view, which shows events with dots on the days they are scheduled.

There is List view which puts the calendar at the top of the screen and then has a list of Events when you tap on each day.

Finally, there is a Daily List view, which is selected by tapping a specific day and then tapping the List view icon next to the Search magnifier in the upper right corner. This view shows your monthly appointments listed in the order they are scheduled.

Creating and Sharing Calendars and Events

One of my favorite and most used features is to share Calendars and Events with others. Tap the plus icon in the upper right corner of the screen to create an event. From here you will be able to select all the details of the event including time, location and more.

There are ways to share entire Calendars with people or invite them to specific events. To invite someone to share calendars with you, tap Calendars at the bottom of the screen, then tap the Info icon.


You will be able to add recipients here to share and organize the calendar with you. This is the perfect solution for couples, workgroups, families and friends to be on the same page and view and book new events for given groups.

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To invite someone to an event, tap that event, then tap Edit in the top-right corner of the screen. This will reveal the input fields for all the data for the event, but also show the Invitees under the Calendar setting.

Tapping lets you search for your contacts and add people to receive invitations to place on their calendars. This is different from sharing the entire calendar and is a read-only calendar invitation.

Alerts and Recurring Events

The calendar app also has the feature to alert and remind you about upcoming events. This can also be done by asking Siri to remind you, but it can save you this step when you set up your event in the first place.

When you are on the Event Edit screen, you will see the Alert options in the middle of the screen. You can enable multiple alerts for your Event so that you can get a reminder maybe two days before and then two hours before so that your Calendar reminds you of your event.


You can also add recurring options to Events so that it happens again at intervals you specify. An example would be to take your medicine at a certain time each day. You can set a reminder for Event Take Medicine and then have it repeat every day.

Also every week, every year etc. You can also set anniversaries or quarterly meetings using parameters for There are many options to be reminded to stick with your schedule with a minimal amount of installations.

As mentioned, the iOS Calendar app is very useful despite its simple design and options. It is most useful when working in harmony with your other apps, such as Mail, Contacts, Notes, and other apps that use your contacts and share information. The calendar app is a very important app on iOS and has more potential than meets the eye.