How to Use Instagram for PC Without Any Limitation

Instagram has quickly become a wildly popular platform for sharing photos and videos. Because it is so popular, users want to access it from every device. However, Instagram has always been a mobile-first platform, so there hasn’t been much improvement on the PC front besides having a plain website. There are also certain limitations on the website that restrict the user to upload photos and videos directly from the PC. To get around these annoying limitations, we’ve come up with some smart hacks that will let you use Instagram entirely on PC. In this article, we explore all the alternative ways to have Instagram for PC without any limitations. So let’s get started.

Use Instagram for PC Without Any Limitations in 2020

As we said, there are several methods you can apply to use Instagram for PC without any limitations. In this article, we will talk about 3 different methods. The first is to use a browser hack. The second and third methods use native and third-party apps for Instagram on PC. So without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Use Instagram for PC with Browser Hack

Instagram offers a simple and minimal web portal on PC where you can access most of the mobile app features. The only limitation is that you cannot stream any media content and share stories directly from PC. Again, there is a nice trick that lets you upload photos and videos directly from PC. In this section we will show you how to use it.

1. Open the Chrome browser on your computer and Visit the official website of Instagram. Now, enter your login ID and password to access your account.

2. Now on the Instagram page, Press CTRL+SHIFT+I. It will open the Review Window. all you have to do click on the “mobile tablet” icon in the upper left corner of the console. It will resize Instagram to mobile view.

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Use Instagram for PC Without Limitation 2

3. Now, refresh the page by clicking the “reload” button. After that, close the Inspect window.

Use Instagram for PC Without Limitation 3

4. Here you have the Instagram app in mobile view with the install button on your PC.

Use Instagram for PC Without Limitation 5

5. Now go ahead, post photos and videos by clicking the “Add” button just like in the mobile app. Have fun using Instagram on PC!

Use Instagram For PC Without Limitation 6

2. Use Instagram for PC with Official Desktop App

For a long time, Instagram was limited to the web for PC users. But now, Instagram has upped its game and brought the official Instagram desktop app to the Microsoft Store. Now you can access every Instagram feature on PC, including photo and video upload. Yes, you heard right. Here are the steps to get the official Instagram desktop app and learn how to stream media content directly from PC.

one. Open Microsoft Store and search for “Instagram”. if you can’t find it open here connection.

Use Instagram for PC with the Official Desktop App

2. Turn it on and Click the “Get” button. For Windows operating system, Instagram will start loading. After that, click on the “Start” button to open the Instagram app on your PC.

Use Instagram for PC with the Official Desktop App 2

3. Finally, enter your Instagram username and password and click the “Log In” button.

Use Instagram for PC with the Official Desktop App 3

4. All the important Instagram features including Explore, Direct and Stories are there and working well. However, the Install button does not appear anywhere. Don’t worry, just check the next step.

Use Instagram for PC with the Official Desktop App 4

5. Right click on Instagram app in windows taskbar and click “New Post”.

Use Instagram for PC with the Official Desktop App 5

6. Here it is. Now You can upload photos and videos from PC Similar to mobile app.

Use Instagram for PC with Official Desktop App 67. Finally, enjoy Instagram on bigger screen with all features.

3. Use Instagram for PC Via Third-Party Apps

You can post photos and videos on Instagram using the methods above, but there are a few third-party apps that bring stability and some useful features to the table. You can upload photos and videos from PC to Instagram directly, to give you a look; schedule an Instagram post to be published at a preferred time; tons of other filters and editing tools etc. access it. If you prefer to post media content on Instagram from PC, these apps can be a great alternative. Here is the popular third-party Instagram for PC apps.

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Note: The features added to third-party apps are certainly great, but there’s also a privacy concern. You will need to share your Instagram credentials with third-party services. So, consider your privacy before choosing these services and then proceed.

1. Ramme

Ramme is a lightweight open source app for Instagram that works pretty well. It brings all the basic features expected from an Instagram desktop client. Features include the ability to upload photos, dark mode support, Windows keyboard shortcuts support, background update, and more. This is a simple Instagram client and does not overwhelm users with professional features and does not ask for money for them. It is free software with no hidden costs. For a desktop Instagram experience, this is one of the best third-party apps you can get.


Download Ramme for Instagram (Free)

2. Upload Images for Instagram

Pic Upload for Instagram does exactly what it says. It is a third-party Instagram application that allows you to upload photos and videos from your computer. The app is available in Microsoft Store so you can get it without any hassle. The interface is pretty similar to Instagram’s default UI. You have the usual install button and it works similarly to the mobile app. Basically, it’s an Instagram wrapper and it mostly works great. But sometimes when you try to upload media content, it asks you to pay before publishing. However, you can use this app as it does the job well enough.

Image Upload for Instagram

Download Pic Upload for Instagram (FreeIn-App Purchase)

Enjoy Instagram for PC Without Any Restrictions

Here is our guide to use Instagram on PC without any limitations. Going through the steps, we can see that the features are almost there but hidden in sight. Instagram does this deliberately to stand out as a mobile-first platform. However, you can review the steps and use the method you desire. I would recommend using the official Instagram for Windows app as it is pretty stable and works great for pretty much anything. That’s it from us. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.

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