How to Use Incognito Mode on YouTube

In this guide, we’ll show you how to hide what you watch on YouTube with Google’s new Incognito mode. Just like the Google Chrome feature, you can go undercover on YouTube and browse whatever you want without leaving any evidence behind.

Google has tested this feature for a long time with certain users and now you can try it for yourself directly inside the Android app. Basically, you can watch whatever you want on YouTube without showing up in your search or watch history. Here’s how to enable it.

How to Use YouTube’s Incognito Mode

  1. start youtube
  2. Tap yourself in the upper right corner
  3. choose
  4. Tap on the popup and you’re ready

It’s that easy to use YouTube’s new Incognito Mode. You’ll see a small bar at the bottom of the screen that says “You’re Hidden”, that’s all.

Now you can search or watch what you want without worrying about who will find or see it later. Google doesn’t save your search queries or the history of what you’ve viewed. This is also useful if you want to watch a quick video but don’t want to start seeing recommendations for that content the next day. Just switch to incognito mode before searching or watching.

Other details

To turn off incognito mode, tap the little detective incognito hat icon in the top right and then select Turn off incognito mode. Or, when you stop watching videos, the app will cause you to log back in and disable Incognito mode after a certain amount of time, but we’re not sure how long it will last.

Additionally, if you haven’t read the popup before, it’s important to know what Incognito Mode doesn’t. While it will prevent your friends and family who pick up your phone from seeing what you’re searching for and watching on YouTube, that’s about it. The notice specifically states “Your activity may be visible to your employer, school or internet service provider”.

Basically, this will keep your viewing habits private on your device, but don’t expect privacy at work or school.

Google has also confirmed that all premium features are temporarily disabled during Incognito mode. So you might see a few ads here and there before the videos and miss out on a few features until you turn them off. It’s also only available for Android so far, but we expect it to be available on iOS in the near future. Give it a try today and learn how to turn off YouTube autoplay videos while you’re here.

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