How to Use Google Forms in Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the company’s digital way to bring continuing courses in schools and colleges to the web. Both teachers and students can use Classroom to handle assignments, grades, class discussions, and more. Classroom has witnessed an increase in usage since quarantine in various countries around the world. Google Forms can serve as a critical tool to get things done easily when preparing assignments or working on an assignment.

As expected, Classroom tightly integrates other Google services such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, YouTube, Google Drawing, Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Forms. Every software plays an important role when dealing with different types of tasks. It provides flexibility for teachers to create and assign different types of assignments for students. Students can use Google services for a seamless posting experience in Classroom.

Perhaps one of the most important services among the mentioned services is Google Forms. In this post, we will guide you on how to use Google Forms effectively in Google Classroom.

Where is Google Forms in Google Classroom?

Teachers can open any Classroom and switch to Classwork. This is where they can create a new assignment for the class. If you need to do the same, go to Create > Assignment > Add a related title, instructions (optional) and tap the Create button at the bottom.

add google forms

The floating menu allows you to add a form from the Google Forms service. Alternatively, if you’re creating a Quiz assignment for the class, go to Classroom > Create > Quiz Assignment and it will automatically create a Google Form for you.

How to Use Google Forms Effectively?

Google Forms is mostly useful for teachers to create a quiz assignment for the class. When you create an assignment with Google Forms, the software takes you to the separate Google Forms tab in the browser. Now, let’s go through all the options for creating an effective quiz assignment for students.

The default Google Forms tab looks bland. You will need to make any changes to the desired result. First, let’s review the design options in Google Forms. You can tap on the theme icon above and open the theme customization menu for Google Forms.

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Theme settings

There are four options to pass. Choose a header image for Google Forms. You can choose theme photos categorized in different categories including Work & School, Birthday, Wedding, Kids only and more. You can also upload photos from PC or Google Photos. You’ll be mostly fine with school-themed photos.

theme in google forms

Depending on the theme cover added, the Form changes its background color. You can also manually change the theme from the customize menu. Users can also change the font. Basic fonts are mostly fine but you can also go with the Official font to add a professional touch.

The form builder menu is the most important menu for mastering Google Forms. Google Forms is flexible enough to give you a variety of options to create the perfect form.

Add multiple answers

First, you need to add a title and description of the form. For questions, you have multiple options to choose from. You can add a new question, give it a relevant title, and then review the multiple choice answer. Depending on the question, you can choose a short answer, paragraph, checkbox, dropdown, checkbox grid, and more.

If you’ve already created another form for questions, Google Forms allows you to import questions from the previous form as well. Google Forms also provides the ability to add images or videos to create a media-based quiz.

Import question from:

If you don’t want to build the Google Form from scratch, you can check out the Google Forms templates section and have a look at some built-in forms.

Review Google Forms Settings

You have added the relevant title, theme, fonts and questions. Now is the time to review the Google Forms settings and make any relevant changes. Tap the Settings icon at the top and go to the General tab.

Enable collecting email addresses so you can view the email addresses of students who respond to Google Forms. Teachers should disable Edit after posting and see summary charts and text responses for students.

General Settings

Now, go to the Quizzes menu and enable Make this a quiz option. This is a must have as it allows you to assign point value and marks to each question in Google Forms. You can also enable options such as Responder view – Missed questions, correct answer, and point value.

test options in google formw

After making the changes you can hit the Submit button in the top right corner and it will ask you to confirm the Google Classroom name, subject and add a private message for students. Now go to link options and copy the generated link for Google Forms.

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copy google form

Go back to Google Classroom and select Insert > Link and paste the link of the generated Google Form. Before assigning the quiz to students, add the scores, due date, topic name and then select assign in the top right corner.

Google forms attachment

Use Google Classroom Like a Pro

Google Forms is an essential utility for students as well as teachers who use Google Classroom. Teachers can get creative with Google Forms to create exam-based assignments and assignments and assign them to students in the classroom. Learning can also be fun.

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