How to Use Game Mode in Windows 10

One of the most talked about features in the Windows 10 Creators Update released in April 2017 was the exclusive Game Mode. Microsoft has claimed that enabling Game Mode will make a noticeable difference in gaming, but you may be wondering how exactly that happens. process job, so let me explain that to you. Game Mode allocates available hardware resources to a game by prioritizing the game, thus preventing other background tasks from using too many resources. This ensures a consistent frame rate while playing games, along with very minor performance gains. We’re pretty sure you’re already excited about this feature, so let me clear things up by explaining it. How to use Game Mode in Windows 10:

Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

note: Game Mode is a feature introduced in Windows 10 Creators Update, so you need to install it. I’m using Game Mode on Windows 10 Build 1703 Insider Preview.

Before you start using Game Mode for all your favorite games, you need to turn the feature on in settings. To get it done easily, just follow the steps below:

  • go start menu and click on gear iconso that you can go “Settings”.

  • Now, on the Settings page, go to the game section by clicking on it. “The game”.

How to Use Game Mode in Windows 10

  • Once done, you can easily go “game mode” menu and open it by moving the slider.

How to Use Game Mode in Windows 10

Enable Game DVR in Windows 10

Well, we’re not quite ready yet. In order to use the Game Mode we just activated, we also need to open the Windows Game DVR.

To do this, Type “Xbox” in the Cortana Search bar. When the Xbox app opens, navigate to: Record game clips and screenshots using Settings -> Game DVR and move the slider to enable it.

How to Use Game Mode in Windows 10

Using Game Mode in Windows 10

Now we’re ready, so if you want to start using Game Mode for one of your favorite games, turn it on and follow these steps:

  • Now that you have Game DVR enabled in the previous step, you will be able to open Windows 10’s Game Bar by pressing the button. “Win+G” keyboard shortcut at the same time. When Game Bar opens, click on it. settings icon in the game bar.
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How to Use Game Mode in Windows 10

  • Next, click “Use Game Mode for this game” To enable Game Mode for the game.

How to Use Game Mode in Windows 10

That’s pretty much the whole process, but keep in mind that you’ll have to do this individually for each game in your library.

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Ready to Try Game Mode in Windows 10?

Game Mode may not really give a huge boost to your gaming performance, but it really helps ensure consistent performance, which is absolutely crucial when playing fast-paced games like first-person shooters. It can be a noticeable improvement if you’re used to framerate drops during gaming sessions, but it all depends on the hardware you’re using. Apart from that, you can expect an average of 1-2 fps improvement in some of your games. So, are you ready to try Game Mode? Let us know if Game Mode has improved gaming performance on your PC by capturing your feedback in the comments section below.

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