How to Use Galaxy S9 Night Mode Filter

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Galaxy S9 night mode filter and explain why you should. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a lot of exciting features, but the blue light filter or Night Shift for the latest iPhone transformations is one of our favourites. Use night mode to strain your eyes less and sleep better at night.

Studies show that blue light from smartphone screens causes eye strain. Not to mention that it keeps us awake at night due to brain stimulation and melatonin reduction. As a result, Samsung and other manufacturers have added blue light filters to their phones.

In less than a minute, you can easily turn on the Galaxy S9 night mode filter and rest your eyes. We’ll also show you how to program it to turn on automatically, add customization, or adjust the filter strength to suit your personal needs.

How To Turn On Galaxy S9 Blue Light Filter (Night Mode)

There are several different ways to enable the Galaxy S9 night mode filter. First, pull down the notification bar, then pull down to expanded view a second time. You will see a number of settings such as WiFi or Bluetooth, these are your quick settings. Find the icon labeled “Blue light filter” and tap it once. This turns the filter on and off quickly without messing with the settings.

However, we recommend that you go to your settings menu first and customize the night mode. That way, you can choose how much light is filtered out, or have it turn on and off instantly at sunrise or sunset.


As soon as you open this, you will notice a crazy change in the Galaxy S9 screen. You will instantly see a yellow-orange tint on the screen and all white or blue light will disappear. It may take a few minutes or nights to get used to it, but we highly recommend that you do it.

Adjusting the opacity slider will add more or less of the filter in case the change is too drastic for you. Find a good middle ground and find what works best for your eyes. Keep in mind that Samsung’s AMOLED displays are already running on the cold side, so when you turn the filter off again, it may look extremely blue.

Set a Galaxy S9 Blue Light Filter Calendar

If you want night mode to turn on automatically, simply set a schedule. You can choose to have it at sunrise or sunset, or you can choose a specific time yourself. It opens at night and reduces eye strain, helping you sleep and sleep better. Then in the morning it returns to normal.

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In the end, it’s all up to your own personal preference. Choose how powerful the filter really is, when to turn it on and off, and you’re ready. From here everything happens automatically and you can easily use and enjoy your phone.

When the sun goes down or your scheduled time comes, the phone will change instantly. That way you don’t get much stimulation, you’ll start to have less eyestrain and fall asleep easier at night. And don’t just fall asleep, stay asleep.

In the morning, when the coffee is brewed and your alarm goes off, the phone will already return to normal. Before waking up, the filter turns off. Of course, if you set a schedule. While you’re here, check out these 10 more settings we recommend everyone change. Or keep your Galaxy S9+ safe with these best screen protectors.