How to Use Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Emoji

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are loaded with tons of neat features. Water resistance from large Infinity displays and much more. That’s not all, the company has also offered over 600+ Galaxy S8 emoji options for users. If you use emojis more than words, this phone is for you. That said, here’s how to use the Galaxy S8 emoji.

Last year the Galaxy S6 or S7 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow had just over 200 to choose from. With the Galaxy S8, the emoji game has been enhanced by leaps and bounds. To start, here is a changelog of new emojithen read on for more details.

To be precise, the Galaxy S8 has all the latest updates for emoji and more than 640 characters or images to choose from. So owners can express themselves in more ways than ever before. These are easy to find, available directly on the stock keyboard, and no downloads or settings changes are required.

Dozens of emoji keyboards are available on the Google Play Store. Not to mention add-on apps that combine additional emoji options to popular text messaging apps like Textra. Some even allow adding iOS emoji. But Samsung Galaxy S8 owners won’t have to do any of that. We have one of the largest collections pre-installed directly on the device.

Whether you’re texting a friend or sending a message to Facebook, the options are the same. Right above the keyboard is a small special key that gives instant access to over 600 emoji on the Galaxy S8 or S8+.

How to Use Galaxy S8 Emoji

If you’ve ever used emoji on a Samsung device, you’ll feel right at home. The overall look and feel of the keyboard has changed a bit, but the steps remain the same. So the two buttons to the left of the spacebar are where all the emojis are ready and waiting.

You get all the features of the stock Samsung keyboard and emoji in one. Like gesture typing, word prediction and more. Here’s how to find them in messages, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and more.

Start by opening a text message or Facebook post and open the keyboard if it isn’t already open. Those using Samsung’s stock messaging app will see a “smiley” right next to the send button and input field. Tap that and you’re done.

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Alternatively, those using another text app or Facebook will need to open it differently. Near the bottom left corner, right next to the comma, is a button with an emoji smiley face and a small microphone for voice commands.

Tap this smiley button to open the emoji keyboard or long press for even more options along with emoji. When you tap on it, the entire emoji collection is available. Each page will have a complete collection and you will navigate through them by swiping left or right.

You will find out how many pages of this particular emoji style are available by the dots below the images. Below the selection there are also shortcuts to choose a different style. Swipe from right to left to scroll through all the available Galaxy S8 emojis.

Other details

For those unaware, the second icon in the Galaxy S8 emoji keyboard is a clock. This actually means “recently”, which shows all the recently used emojis. Perfect for those who always stick to the same few emojis over and over. It makes using your favorites quick and easy.

When you’re done, simply click on the small rectangular keyboard icon in the bottom left. This will revert to a regular keyboard so you can finish composing a message or email.

That’s all there is to know about it. For 2017, Samsung added over 640 different emojis to the Galaxy S8. Complete with gender-specific emoji for working men and women, animals, new foods like middle finger, tacos or burrito, and more. There is even a collection of men and women using Samsung branded laptops. All said and done, this update brings Samsung in line with Emoji 4.0 standards and a few extras. Start typing and using fun emoji on your new phone now.

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