How to Use Custom App Icons on iPhone in iOS 14

The long-awaited freedom to set a third-party browser like Chrome and a mail app like Gmail as default shows that Apple is slowly giving users more control. Maybe Google is doing it in the same way as its arch-rival. While the walled garden is still very solid, you can at least add your own customization kit into the mix to make your home screen look different. If this new change worked for you, let me show you how you can give the iOS 14 home screen a special aesthetic with unique app icons on iPhone or iPad.

How to Change App Icons on iOS 14 Home Screen on iPhone and iPad

No matter how beautiful an app icon looks, it tends to become outdated or dull after a while. This is probably when you want to fine-tune the icons so that they look pleasing to the eye.

You’ll be pleased to know that you now have plenty of freedom to create great looking app icons for your iPhone. For a change, you can choose to set your own image as the app icon or pick a cool one from a website/app that offers custom app icons.

Prepare Your Custom App Icon

As mentioned, you need to have a custom app icon that you can use to create awesome app icons for your iOS device. The simplest way to find great looking icons for specific apps is to take help from Google (you guessed it!).

Moreover, icons8 and flat icon two of my favorite platforms where you can get tons of app icons. So head out there to choose some of the nice looking app icons for your iOS device. Touch and hold any app icon to save it, and then Add to Photos option in the popup window.

Use Shortcuts to Animate Your Custom App Icons

  1. After saving your favorite app icon in photo library, Launch shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.

Launch the Shortcuts app on iPhone

2. Tap now. “Plus” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

tap the plus button

3. Next, tap on “.Add Action” button.

Tap Add Action

Next up, search for: “Open app” and tap on it when it appears.

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Select Open Application

5. Next, tap . To choose and then favorite app choose which icon you want to change. In this test, I will choose Twitter.

Choose your favorite app

6. Next, tap . three points in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner

7. Now, give your shortcut a suitable name and tap on Main monitor.

Enter a suitable name for your shortcut

8. Next, re-enter the name of the shortcut. After that, tap on symbol on his left.

change app icon

9. Next three options:

Choose Choose Photo

  • Take a photo: Take the photo to set it as the app icon.
  • Choose photo: Select the desired image to set as the application icon.
  • Choose file: Select the file containing the application icon.

my app icon Photos appi will choose “Choose photo”. After that, select the app icon in the photo library.

Select the app icon

10. Now, set icon on the frame and tap on To choose in the lower right corner of the screen.

set frame

11. Finally, tap on it. Add top right and then Completed top right to finish.

Tap Done

Request! You have successfully created an app icon for your favorite app. Now, go to the home screen to check it out. It works like a normal app. So you can place it wherever you want, launch the corresponding application to open it, and even delete it if you don’t want to keep it anymore.

Create Beautiful-Looking App Icons in iOS 14

Come in! Here are quick ways to create great looking app icons for your iOS 14 home screen. It’s worth mentioning that you can create as many app icons as you want. So, do your best to design your home screen to your heart’s liking.

Also, check out our guide to customize iOS 14 home screen widgets and get the most out of the App Library. Also, learn how to use back touch to launch apps on iPhone. Have any feedback or questions? Send it too.

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