How to Use Bitmoji on Mac and PC

You love Bitmoji on your iPhone and Android, and now you can use Bitmoji on your Mac or PC. You will need Bitmoji for Chrome and then you can access your Bitmoji whenever you need it. We’ll even show you how to directly integrate Gmail Bitmoji.

This is the easiest way to use Bitmoji on Facebook, Messenger, Google Hangouts, WeChat and almost any other app on your Mac or PC.

Currently, you can use Bitmoji on Mac or PC only by installing the Google Chrome browser on your device. This is a free download compatible with most devices. You may not be able to install Chrome if your work crashes your computer. There is no Bitmoji Safari or Bitmoji Edge extension.

How to use Bitmoji for Mac and PC

How to use Bitmoji on Mac and PC

You can start using Bitmoji on your computer in less than five minutes. These are the things you need to do to install and use Bitmoji on your computer.

  1. Download and .
  2. on your computer
  3. If you want.

Once you complete these steps, Bitmoji will be installed on your computer. You access it from Chrome, but you can use it in a wide variety of services and applications.

Click the Bitmoji icon in Chrome and then copy the Bitmoji you want to use.

In Chrome, . This will open the Bitmoji picker you normally see in the Bitmoji keyboard on iPhone and iPad. Your Bitmoji is already customized, so there’s nothing to do but start using it.

you want to use and . Then you can do it in almost any app on your computer to send Bitmoji. You can click and drag the Bitmoji into some apps, but that doesn’t work for every app out there.

How to use Bitmoji in Gmail?

If you chose to install Bitmoji for Gmail during setup, you’ll see your Bitmoji face at the bottom of a new email screen in Gmail. Click the face to open the Bitmoji picker, and then click a Bitmoji to attach it to your email. No need to copy and paste.

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One issue we ran into with Bitmoji for Chrome was that most of our Bitmojis were not loading. If this happens, you can restart Chrome or if that doesn’t work you can sign out of Bitmoji and sign back in. Second step fixed Bitmoji Chrome issues.

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