How to Use and Manage Google Now Reminders

In July 2012, Android got one of the biggest and best features ever, and that was Google Assistant. Adding a complete user interface and set of tools, cards and features to Google Search like never before. Now that it’s available and enhanced, it’s more powerful than ever.

One of the best features of Android Jelly Bean and beyond is Google Assistant and it just keeps getting better. The Nexus 5, for example, lets you say “OK, Google” to instantly search and set reminders from any screen with your voice, and you can use the microphone as long as you tap the microphone in the Google Search bar on your device. Below are a few quick steps on how to use and more importantly manage your Google Assistant reminders.

The latest Google Assistant has been greatly improved as it is extremely difficult to actually find and see all the notifications and reminders a user has set, as in previous versions. A simple voice command like “Remind Me to Call John at 4 PM” will set a quick reminder and notify you at 4 PM or a few minutes earlier if you prefer. Before going into Google Assistant, go to cards, find settings, tap “My Items” and find all your reminders. Now though, it’s just a click away and you can manage all your reminders instantly.

How to Use Google Assistant Reminders

Using Google Assistant to set reminders is super easy. All smartphones and tablets, regardless of manufacturer, have at least one Google Search Bar on their home screen. As long as Google Assistant is open, you just need to tap the microphone and say whatever you need. He asked me to turn off the bakery, pay for the truck, call a friend, etc. Remind me. Say your name and Google will remind you when you ask. It helps to tell a date and time and Google will set that up for you as well.


Above is an example I set to control the repository. If you say the time, Google will enter it for you, but you’ll still get the options shown above for a time, place, and choosing when the reminder notifies you. It’s a powerful feature that I use almost every day, and you can too. As long as you have the latest Google Search app from Play Store. And don’t mind if Google searches for Kanye West lyrics in the screenshot. Not sure how they got this out of a reminder to check the pool. I’m not even listening to it, thanks Google.

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Managing Google Assistant Reminders

The new Google Search (Google Now), available today, is much improved than previous versions. Scrolling to the bottom, the user will find three icons. The menu button on the right, a wand for customizations in the middle, a wand for setting up Google Assistant, and the last one on the left are reminders. This extremely simple tap of a button (finger on a bow button) will show you all your current and past reminders. From here you can add new reminders, clear histories and even see everything upcoming on your list.

Screenshot 2013-12-09 1.22.12 PM

One of my biggest complaints with Google Assistant before was how to find and manage these reminders and alerts. Fortunately, you’re now just a tap away from the blue button above. Then, as you can see above on the right, all my upcoming and previous reminders. I have to check the pool here in a few hours and I’ll have to register my truck next month. Terrible DMV visit. Luckily I set this reminder months and months ago and a quick check shows that Google still remembers it and will notify me on January 14th.

From here, you can tap on upcoming reminders to quickly edit or change them at any time, and under the same tap, you can let users delete previous reminders if you prefer. This super simple and easy to use tool makes Android and Google Assistant extremely powerful, especially now it’s easier than ever to manage your reminders.

It’s so easy that many users didn’t even think to look. Reminders were so difficult to manage and see in previous versions that most users we spoke with don’t even manage them anymore. You are just a click away with the new Google Now.