How to Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram from Mac

Instagram is one of the most used image sharing platforms in the world. The app has more than 500 million monthly active users. While the Instagram app has continually evolved to support more (sometimes copied) features over the years, the web app has one glaring downside: You can’t upload photos from the website to Instagram. So if you’ve taken some photos from your DSLR or want to showcase your latest Lightroom project, Here’s how you can post to Instagram from a Mac:

1. InstaMaster

InstaMaster is a macOS app that you can use to easily upload photos and videos to Instagram without having to transfer them to your iPhone or Android device first. The app is currently free as part of a promotion and works really well.

  • When you download and launch the app, it prompts you to: Login to Instagram with your username and password. After doing that, the app will take you to the home screen. This looks like Instagram website running inside something like WebView.

  • You can do click the upload icon in the upper-right corner of the application to go to the installation window.

upload icon

  • Here, you can either drag and drop Click the photo or video you want to upload or “Select photo/video” buttonClick and select the one you want to install. You can then add a caption and hashtag to your image and even set it up to be shared on other social media platforms if you want. When you’re done, “To sendPress the ” button and you are done. The photo or video will now be uploaded to Instagram.

upload picture to instagram

The app works very well and can easily serve as a standalone Instagram desktop app for you.

download InstaMaster ($4.99)

2. Uplet

Uplet is a Mac app that lets you easily upload images to Instagram. The app isn’t trying to be a full Instagram client and just depends on uploading images from your Mac. The best part is that it does it well.

  • Using the app is easy, just Sign in with your Instagram accountand then Click on the “+” icon To select the photo you want to upload to Instagram


  • in summer subtitleadd any hashtag and Click “Share”. The app will show a progress bar and soon your picture will be shared on Instagram.

upload picture to instagram with uplet

This much. You will be able to see the uploaded image on Instagram immediately. The app definitely works very well and is a great option for those who just want to upload photos to Instagram from Mac.

download Uplet (Free demo version for up to 5 photos, $9.99)

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3. Gramblr

Gramblr is another Mac app that lets you upload images to Instagram. The app is quite different from other apps I’ve used. When you download Gramblr from their website and run the installed application, you will be redirected to a web page in your browser.

  • First, you will have to Sign up to use Gramblr itself. After doing this, you will be directed to the Gramblr interface where you can manage your Instagram account. you can do things like upload images, schedule postsand much more.

sign up for gramblr

  • To upload a photo to Instagram “Download now!” in the sidebar. Then drag and drop the image or video you want to upload.

download-now with gramblr

  • then you will have to crop the image, by clicking and dragging your cursor over the image to draw a selection box on it. When finished, click onsave“.

crop and save

  • then just apply any filter you want and write the title. When you’re done with this,To send“.


Your photo will be uploaded to Instagram. You can even schedule posts using Gramblr. While its design is a bit odd, it’s definitely a good app. But the app works and is completely free.

download Gramblr (Free)

4. Pictoria

Pictoria one internet service Which you can use to schedule your Instagram posts directly from your Mac. The website uses the Material Design language and looks (and works) very well. The web app is also very easy to use and you’ll be hooked right away.

  • What to do when you first open the website Sign up with your Instagram account. After doing this, you can login to the site.


  • You will see a list of accounts you have associated with your Piktoria account, most likely only Instagram. click on your username To enter your Piktoria control panel.

click your username to go to control panel

  • Here you can do a lot of things and track your activity along with a host of other Instagram factors. You can click “.Post on InstagramTo schedule a post for your Instagram feed. (The trial version of the app only supports 20 posts).


  • Later on “Upload Pictures” and select your image from the sources that the app supports. we will use it”My computer“as a resource.


  • select picture You want to upload (or drag and drop into the box) to Instagram. write a titleClick and select the time you want to schedule the image. Then simply Click on “Program”and your image will be uploaded at the scheduled time.

caption-and-upload to instagram

That’s it for using Piktoria to upload photos to Instagram. The web app can do a lot more than that and will probably work for the rest of its features as well.

Visit Piktora website (14-day free trial; plans start at $15 per month)

5. Push.Photo

Push.Photo a internet service This may allow you to upload images to Instagram. The service is not free and will set you back somewhere between $9.75 and $24 depending on the plan you choose. However, there are 7-day free trials that you can use to check if the service is worth your money.

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  • To upload an image using Push.Photo, first register on websites for free trial. When you do, you will be taken to the main interface of the web application. Here, you will need to add your Instagram account.


  • When you connect your Instagram account to the service, it will display your Instagram posts with the option to upload more images from your account. computer or via a URL.

Upload image using url-or-pc

  • When you click the button to upload an image to Instagram, you will be taken to a screen where you can add the image to be uploaded. “SearchClick the ” button and select the picture you want. You can crop the image and add a caption. Select the time you want the image to be uploaded. Next, “Push” and your picture will be scheduled to be posted on Instagram.


The only downside to this service is, you cannot publish images at any time. You will need to choose a time based on the options in the drop-down menu. However, if this is something you can ignore, this is a great app especially if you need to manage multiple accounts as you can manage up to 10 accounts from the same dashboard using this app.

Visit Push.Photo website (7-day free trial; plans start at $9.75 per month)

Bonus: Use Android Emulators to Upload Instagram from Mac

Alternatively, you can download an Android emulator and install Instagram on it. Then you can use Instagram’s official app on your Mac. If this is something you want to do, Bluestacks (Free). There are other great Android emulators for Mac and you can use any of them to run the Instagram mobile app on your Mac and upload images to Instagram.

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Post to Instagram from Mac with These Apps

You can use any of the apps in this list to upload photos and videos from Mac to Instagram. So you can easily upload your edited DSLR footage in Lightroom or Photoshop. You can even schedule posts and track your Instagram follower count. Each of the apps on this list brings something unique to the table, whether it’s added features or simplicity; and you should definitely try them. Also, if you know of any other Mac apps that can post to Instagram, let me know in the comments section below.