How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram At Once

Want to upload multiple photos or videos to Instagram at once? Instead of spamming friends and family with five photos in a row, we can now add up to 10 photos in a single post. Here’s what users need to know and how to take advantage of this new feature today.

The news has just been announced. official Instagram Blogconfirms a feature we’ve wanted for years. In fact, photo carousels debuted in 2015, but that was strictly limited to advertisers. Not anymore, as of today it’s rolling out to everyone on iPhone or Android.

It’s really simple. Users no longer need to select just one photo from an event or spam users with multiple photos. Not to mention that all those 3rd party “bulk install” apps will no longer be needed. The feature built right into Instagram is the ability to upload multiple photos or videos at once, up to 10 at a time, all in one post.

This feature was great for advertisers. Sharing multiple items from a new clothing line, recipes from the Food Network, and more. But now everyone can do the same. Share moments from a concert, like the band taking the stage, some videos, selfies, and after-party all at the same time. Perfect for birthdays, family events and other things.

Without further delay, let’s get started.

How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram At Once

As of February 22, 2017, this feature is available for Android and iPhone. Users will need to download the latest version of Instagram. It spreads in stages, so it may not be available to almost everyone. Simply press the camera upload button; opens when the option is available. Look for the layered square icon as shown below.

New multi-upload option shown in blue

These spots are highlighted in red on multiple photo posts

As you can see from the photos above, it is now very easy to add multiple photos or videos to Instagram at once. The company has added multiple options for filters, captions, tagging friends in individual photos, and more. You’ll also see the “layered square” icon (right screenshot) when viewing a user profile to indicate posts with multiple photos.

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Note that users are limited to 10 photos or videos at a time. So you may need to post more than once to share an entire event in your feed. However, getting started is extremely easy and only takes a minute.

It’s good to see that all the features, the ability to change the order of photos, filters and individual image tags are included from the beginning. Now that it’s available, start the installation. Enjoy.

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