How to Upload a Custom Playlist Image to Spotify

People create playlists to easily keep track of songs and listen to their favorite music quickly. While you can personalize your playlists by adding a custom description, setting a custom image for the playlist takes it to the next level. If you’ve never heard of custom Spotify playlist images, read on to find out how you can use this feature for your playlists.

Upload Custom Playlist Image to Spotify

You can set custom images from desktop, web and mobile versions of Spotify. The process for replacing the image is the same in both desktop and web versions. So, you can follow the steps given below for both Spotify Desktop and Web.

Set Custom Playlist View from Spotify Desktop/Web

1. Open Spotify Desktop/Web and navigate to the playlist you plan to change its display. Once you are here place the mouse pointer next to the default playlist image and click the pencil icon visible

2. Now a popup appears where you can change the picture and description of your playlist. Click anywhere on the current playlist image to access your system’s file picker. Select the new picture for the playlist from the file picker.

spotify playlist image

3. After selecting the new image, click Save to set the new image For your favorite playlist.

save new playlist image

4. If you change your mind and I want to delete the playlist imagein the popup you can click on the horizontal three dots menu, Select ‘Remove Image’ and hit Save.

remove spotify image

Change Spotify Playlist Picture From Mobile

1. Open the playlist in the Spotify app. From the top right corner of the playlist page, tap the vertical three dots menu and Select ‘Edit playlist’ from the list of available options.

access to edit playlist button

2. When the Edit playlist page appears, Tap anywhere in the current playlist image or the ‘Change Image’ button Once prompted below the image to select a different image, Tap on ‘Choose photo’ to select your preferred picture.

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select playlist photo

3. Unlike Spotify Desktop, Spotify’s mobile app gives you the flexibility to adjust the image to fit your favorite episode. Select the section you want to see on the cover, Tap on ‘Use Photo’and Press the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner to confirm the change.

crop image and save

4. If you want to remove the image then you can always go back to the Edit Playlist interface mentioned in Step 2 and Select ‘Remove photo’. Do not forget to press the Save button after removing the image.

remove playlist image spotify mobile

Add a Personal Touch with Custom Spotify Playlist Images

This is how you can change the default playlist image that Spotify automatically creates based on the first four album art. As you can see, the process of changing the default image is not that complicated and can be done in a few minutes with simple steps.

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