How to Update Nintendo Switch

To keep your Nintendo Switch working well, you need to keep it up to date. Fortunately, downloading and installing an update for the Nintendo Switch is painless. In minutes, you can add new software that fixes bugs and adds new features to your mobile and living room game console.

Sony and Microsoft are also improving the Xbox One and PS4 with software updates. Unlike these consoles, Nintendo does not automatically install the latest software for users connected to the online gaming network. Instead, Nintendo Switch owners must manually install updates to avoid wasting precious playtime or trying to download an update over a very weak internet connection.

Here’s how to update Nintendo Switch.

How to Update Nintendo Switch

To update Nintendo Switch, you need a stable internet connection that can download any heavy software upgrades. You can update Nintendo Switch using a connected phone, but you probably shouldn’t. Some mobile carriers limit how much high-speed data you can use, even on an unlimited plan. Because Nintendo Switch software upgrades vary in size, an update can use all of your plan’s high-speed data.

Faucet . Your console will ask for your permission to close currently open games. This is because updating Nintendo Switch restarts your console and closes all the games you play. If you haven’t made any progress with your favorite games, press B to exit the update screen and return to your game to create a new save.

After a short reboot your Nintendo Switch should be ready for you to play. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2 or any of your other favorite games. You don’t need to do anything else until the next update comes.

Latest Nintendo Switch Updates

Here are all the latest Nintendo Switch updates. Your Nintendo Switch console lists the version of the system software installed in the System Update field in System Settings. Again, if your console is out of date, this area will warn you of a pending upgrade. The higher the version number, the more recent the update.

So far, Nintendo has released only two updates that add new features. All other updates made games more stable or fixed bugs that broke existing features. System updates may also improve Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons performance

Nintendo Switch 3.0.2 Update

Nintendo Switch Update 3.0.2 added Nintendo Switch Online support for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru. It also included stability improvements and fixes for issues reported in the latest update to Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo Switch 3.0.0 Update

Nintendo Switch Update 3.0.0 was the first Nintendo Switch upgrade after its release. Added Channels to watch game news, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U friends, Switch Online notifications, vibrations to find Joy-Con Controllers, a user icon for Home, volume controls in quick settings, inverted colors, and support for using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. When connected with USB cable.

Nintendo also fixed an issue that allowed the Switch to automatically turn on HDMI inputs with the Nintendo Switch 3.0.0 Update. This error sometimes prioritizes the console over a cable or set-top box.

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