How to Unlock Your iPhone Without Pressing the Home Button

Here’s how to unlock your iPhone without pressing the home button in iOS 10. The new iOS 10 update removes the iconic “Slide to Unlock” lock screen and forces you to push to unlock. If you’re tired of forcing it, here’s how to get the old iPhone unlock behavior back.

Apple’s iOS 10 update replaces iOS 9.3.5 and does so with a host of new features, including major changes to Messages, Maps, Music and the lock screen. Changes to the lock screen are quite important.

You can now use the “Raise to Wake” feature to look at your phone when you pick it up. You can swipe left to open the camera. Notifications have been improved. And Apple replaced the “Slide to Unlock” function with “Press home to unlock”.

If you’ve already downloaded the iOS 10 update, it’s probably a little awkward and will almost certainly take some getting used to.

If, after a while, you decide that you can no longer tolerate pressing the home button every time you want to unlock your iPhone, you can fix this problem using these steps.

You cannot bring “Slide to Unlock” back to the home screen, but you can use Touch ID to bypass the “Press home to unlock” function. Here’s how to do it.

First, tap on Settings. Go to General. After that you will want to switch to Accessibility. From there, you’ll want to turn on “Listen Finger To Open”.

With this feature turned on, you will be able to unlock your device by pressing your finger on the home button. You can still press the home button to turn on your iPhone, but you now have several options instead of one.

If you prefer to go back to the default setting of iOS 10, you can go back and turn off “Listen for Finger To Turn On”.

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