How to Unlock Mac with Android Device’s Fingerprint Scanner

If you live in the Apple ecosystem, there are many apps that allow you to unlock your Mac with your iPhone. Conversely, things aren’t so nice if you’re on the side of Google’s mobile operating system. Fortunately, some developers are working hard to make your Mac work well with your Android device. Unlocking your Mac with your Android device’s fingerprint scanner adds an extra layer of security to your Mac and eliminates the hassle of typing any passwords. Today I will walk you through DroidID, A free app that provides Unlock your Mac with your Android’s fingerprint scanner.


  • A working Android device 6.0 Marshmallow or on. Works on, on Samsung devices Android 5.0 Lollipop or on.
  • macOS operating system El Captain 10.11 or on. We tested it on our MacBook Air running macOS Sierra.
  • DroidID uses Bluetooth to pair your Mac with your Android, so Bluetooth must always be enabled on both devices. as you use Bluetooth low energy (BLE), battery consumption is minimal.

How to Set Up DroidID on macOS and Android

  1. The first step is to download DroidID for Mac (download) and DroidID for Android (download). Open DroidID on your Android device and you should be greeted with a screen with a code.

2. Open DroidID for Mac and enter the code From the Android app here. Enter just below password that you use to log into your Mac and “Connect”. This password is securely stored in the keychain and you can verify the same by going to Keychain access.


3. A “DroidID ready” message on your Mac. Click “Close“.


At the same time, from you on Android verify your fingerprintalready registered on your device.


now you have successfully configured DroidID and ready to use.

Using DroidID

After installing DroidID, it’s really easy to use. Whenever you go to Mac sleep automaticallyor screen saver starts, just open DroidID on Android and scan your fingerprint. The Mac should let you in automatically without having to enter a password. I highlighted the word “auto-sleep” because DroidID Doesn’t work when you manually lock your Mac by pressing your account name from the menu bar and “Login window…“.

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Also, although not necessary, Configure DroidID to start automatically Every time your Mac restarts. To do this “System Preferences” by clicking the Apple logo from the menu bar.


Click “User and groups“.


Input itemsClick on ” and “+” icon.


Locate and click where the file was downloaded “Add”.


Now your Mac will start automatically every time it reboots, thus eliminating the need to explicitly start it every time. DroidID works like a charm as long as you are within Bluetooth range.

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Unlock Mac Automatically From Android Device

DroidID does one thing, and it does it pretty well – it pairs your MacBook with your Android over Bluetooth and automatically unlocks it using your Android’s fingerprint scanner. This is closest to the touch bar on the new MacBook Pro with TouchID functionality on your older Macs. Do you use your Android’s fingerprint scanner to automatically unlock your Mac? And since there aren’t many Android apps in this category, if you find one, I’d love to hear it in the comments section below.

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