How to Unlock Jailbroken iPhones Including iPhone 4S (Video)

iPhone 4S owners with a jailbroken iPhone can now unlock their iPhone 4S at home using Sam Bingner’s SAM package on their own.

this SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) package Allows the user to unlock a jailbroken iPhone 4S to work on T-Mobile or another carrier’s GSM network.

The iPhone unlock tool works on all jailbroken iPhones running iOS 5 and above.

iDownloadBlog along with confirm that this iPhone 4S unlock tool is working. Muscle Cow From the iPhone Developer Team.

Check out the step-by-step how to open a jailbroken iPhone video tutorial below.

iPhone 4S Unlock Tool

The iDownload team can now switch carriers at any time by switching between SIM cards without the need to configure any additional settings. This is useful for users who want to use AT&T in the US and another carrier while traveling.

The new iPhone 4S unlock tool only works on jailbroken iPhones, meaning it won’t work on an iPhone 4S running iOS 5.1. Users with a jailbroken iPhone 4S or iPhone 3GS can use this tool with the existing iOS 5.1 jailbreak, but this is a tethered jailbreak only.

iPhone unlocking is not a one-tap deal, but most users can follow the 9-step iPhone unlocking process. Users should save their Activation tickets in case they need it.

Before unlocking iPhone, be warned that some users are unable to activate their iPhone after performing some unlocking steps.

Although unconfirmed, the unlock is unlikely to work on Sprint or Verizon iPhones.

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