How to Undo YouTube on iOS 6?

After upgrading to iOS 6, users may notice that there is no YouTube app on their home screen.

In addition to removing Google Maps for the new Apple Maps app, Apple removed the YouTube app from iOS 6, but users can download a new and improved YouTube iPhone app from the App Store.

Apple removed the YouTube app from iOS 6 because it lost the YouTube license. Without the app, YouTube videos are played in the browser, but the app offers a better user experience.

new YouTube app It is free for all users.

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Once the YouTube app is installed, look for the new YouTube icon. The new YouTube app is an improvement, with better social media sharing, channel support, but lacks the upload.

YouTube vs. YouTube

The new YouTube icon is the highlighted icon. If the user downloads the app before upgrading to iOS 6, the new YouTube will still be there and the old version will be lost in the update.

Upload to YouTube on iOS 6

Users can still upload videos to YouTube with the Photos app or iMovie, so the lack of in-app uploads in the new YouTube app is no big deal. To share, find the video in Photos, tap the share icon, then select YouTube.

iOS 6

iOS 6 YouTube uploads will still work in Photos.

Users can choose from which account to upload to YouTube, along with all the YouTube upload options in iOS 5.

Despite this minor loss, the iOS 6 update introduces a host of new iOS 6 features.

Some of the most anticipated features are the new Apple Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation, Siri checking sports scores, tweeting, and more, and Do Not Disturb to really relax at the end of the day.

While iOS 6 may seem like the perfect companion for older iPhones, there are a few hurdles. Some of these do not have full support for toggle mode in the new Maps app.

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