How to Tweet with Siri on iPhone 4S

When you get your hands on your new iPhone 4S, Siri will be one of the coolest features, but you can’t tweet with Siri right out of the box.

Siri is still in beta and can’t even connect to all of iOS 5 yet, let alone third-party apps like Twitter or Tweetdeck. You don’t have to wait for Siri to access your Twitter app to start tweeting with Siri as soon as you get your iPhone 4S.

Siri is a personal assistant that can respond to many requests using Artificial Intelligence to try to contextualize your questions. From what we’ve seen, Siri isn’t perfect, but it offers many improvements over the voice control and simple dictation services offered on other devices. Read more:

How to use Siri to tweet

The great news is that Siri can send text messages, which means you need some preparation to start tweeting with Siri.

1. Open your page.

2. Click the icon.

To use Siri, set Twitter to Tweet by Text.

3. Make sure you have entered. To link your iPhone 4S phone number if you haven’t done so.

4. Add Twitter with phone number to your contacts.

5. On your iPhone 4S for 2 seconds to start Siri.

6. When Siri is ready, just say it.

7. Remember that your tweet must be under 140 characters.

8. Siri confirms that you want to send the message and you send a Tweet.

These tweets will appear on your timeline as normal. While it’s much more difficult to reply to someone or include @ in a message, you can still use Siri to tweet traffic complaints or share them with all your followers.

Do More with Siri on Twitter

Siri Text Message

Send a Text Message to Twitter with Siri

If you want Siri to read your Tweets, you need to turn on message notifications in the Mobile tab.

You can receive text message alerts for users that you have enabled mobile notifications, direct messages, or replies. These will come as basic text messages. Personally this is too much for me, but if you only subscribe to replies or DMs, you might be okay with that. Because it’s a text message, Siri can read it to you.

In addition to reading specific tweets by text, you can ask Siri to do more. Depending on how good Siri is at understanding the usernames you’re trying to include, these commands might not work very well, but give it a shot.

Until we see official support for the Twitter app in Siri, it’s just one way to tweet with Apple’s new smart personal assistant.

You can see a demo of how to send a text message in the Siri video below. Check out In 22 seconds and just over a minute to see examples of messaging with Siri.

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