How to turn yourself into a cartoon for your next Zoom call?

Want to make your next quarterly Zoom check a little more interesting? Do you want to tease your colleagues virtually everywhere? So why not turn yourself into a live cartoon thanks to Snapchat’s desktop app?

We’ve written about the Snap Camera app before because it’s fun, free, and easy to use. But Snap seems to have recently updated it with the cartoon filter in its mobile app, which is worth a look in its own right. The filter turns you into a generic DreamWorks / Pixar creation and is surprisingly fluid. Its ability to capture your entire range of emoticons is somewhat limited (it can’t quite do it properly. DreamWorks Faceeg) but access via the desktop app means you can now use the filter in your next Zoom search, which is both silly and fun.

The filter is available on Mac and PC via Snap’s Snap Camera desktop app.
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To do this, you must first download and install the Snap Camera app. from here (You must allow it to access your microphone and camera, and be running Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 or later). Then launch the app, launch Zoom and make Snap Camera your camera input. To do this on Mac, click “Preferences” > “Video” from the top menu. If you’re using a PC, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the app and then select “Video”. Then select “Take Camera” instead of your current entry from the drop-down menu labeled “Camera”.

Next, go to the Snap Camera app itself and select the filter you want from the carousel under the camera feed. It’s called the “Cartoon Style”. Click it and you should be good to go. A little tip: You can click the video or create a custom hotkey (defined below the video feed) to switch between different cartoon styles. Entertainment!

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