How to Turn Your iPad Air 2 into Surface Pro 3

The iPad Air 2 is often described as the best tablet money can buy, but people also love the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 because it works like a laptop, runs full Windows software, and works like a tablet. However, if you’ve spent between $500 and $830 for the new iPad Air 2, you probably can’t afford to buy another computer. Even if you’re still using the original iPad Air, you might not like the idea of ​​switching to another tablet because it runs full Windows software. Using this guide, iPad Air or iPad Air 2 owners can get most of the functional features of Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Get a few accessories, some apps from the App Store, and a subscription to a few services; You can also start using it. Like the Apple iPad Air or iPad Air 2, Surface Pro 3 computer.

With a great keyboard and excellent stylus, you can turn your iPad Air 2 into a Surface Pro 3 style computer.

BrydgeAir Keyboard

bridgeair keyboard

The BrydgeAir Keyboard is one of the best Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad Air or iPad Air 2, although most are more expensive than others. This is because the BrydgeAir Keyboard includes great design and build quality along with a few great features. iPad Air 2 users should consider the BrydgeAir keyboard if they want a Surface Pro 3-style experience, as the hinges hold the iPad at any typing angle they want, just like the Surface Pro 3’s kickstand.

brydgeair keyboard hinge front

The designers have created a beautiful keyboard that matches the sleek and attractive styling and build quality of the iPad Air. They produce three colors that match the three colors of the iPad Air 2. It is made of aluminum. The perfect island-style keyboard comes with dedicated iOS keys like home key, lock screen button, brightness and volume controls, media play/pause/fast forward/rewind controls, and a button to toggle the onscreen keyboard. In the lower left corner, next to the CTRL key, we see a special Siri button.

brydgeair keyboard hinge back

The keyboard holds iPad firmly in place, and when closed, the magnetic wake-up feature closes the screen. Two rubber pads prevent the screen from hitting the keys when turned off. Thanks to the rigid hinge, the user can hold the iPad Air at any angle.

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Keys make typing comfortable and spaced out; this means that fast touch typewriters do not slow down due to cramp switch design or placement.

brydgeair keyboard buttons

You pair the keyboard using the Bluetooth button on the front edge between the power slide switch and the 2nd button. The 2nd button turns the keyboard speaker on/off. Press and hold each button to pair the keyboard. One Bluetooth connection pairs the keyboard and transmits a second connection sound.

Built-in speakers amplify sound better than iPad’s built-in speakers. Even in a noisy room, I could hear music playing on the iPad through the BrydgeAir Keyboard’s speakers. Amplification makes it about three times louder than iPad speakers. The keyboard sounds a little messy, but it’s much better than the iPad speakers.

brydgeair keyboard sub

if $169 Direct From Brydge Keyboards looks very steep, then check out Logitech Ultra Slim Keyboard for iPad Air 2 or iPad Air or any Logitech’s Bluetooth keyboards. They’re all under $90 and give users a decent keyboard, but they don’t sound like the BrydgeAir Keyboard and won’t hold the iPad at any angle like the Surface Pro 3 kickstand.

Only Mobile Alupen Digital

Just Mobile sells the best pen money can buy. The Alupen Digital ($49.99) comes with a fine nib, just like the Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s Surface Pen.

alupen digital fine tip

An amplified signal makes a capacitive connection when the thin tip hits the iPad screen.

Alupen Digital does not need a Bluetooth connection like other fine tip styli. Instead, it uses a special technology that increases the capacitive touch connection made by the hand with the pen to the screen via the 1.8 mm tip.

The fine tip makes it more accurate and precise, like the Surface Pen of the Surface Pro 3. The iPad Air 2’s smaller 10-inch size feels better in the hands when taking notes in a meeting. Drawing and sketching with this stylus feels great.

grab Cleanint Cleanstylus To hold your iPad pen like Surface Pro 3’s Type Cover loop. They make one for the Surface Pro 3, which works great.

Parallel Access Subscription

Most people think of Parallels as a virtualization program that runs Windows or other operating systems on a Mac. Add Parallel Access ($19.99/year) and users get a Windows-style environment on their iPad.

The video above shows Parallels Access running on an Android phone, but behaves the same on an iPad. Download the app from: iPad App Store and Parallels Access Agent On Windows PC or Mac.

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Parallels gives users a trial period to test Parallels Access before paying for the annual subscription. The service offers the best virtualization system for an iPad as it makes desktop/computer apps behave like iPad apps.

If Parallels doesn’t suit your needs, consider an implementation like this: vault, a free application and service for personal use. They make money by charging businesses or offering premium services to consumers, but the app works great for individuals.

Microsoft Office Apps for iPad

word for ipad editing

Microsoft came late to the party, but they came in a big way. Office Mobile apps. Windows users can install OneDrive on their computers and save their files to the sync and backup service. Office iPad apps will open files, allowing users to edit files and then seamlessly save them to OneDrive.

To get the full experience, users need an Office 365 subscription that costs $69.99 for the personal edition or $99.99 for the Home Premium edition. Shop around as online retailers often sell them cheaper. For example, for the price of the personal edition, get the more expensive Home Premium edition at: Amazon.

word for ipad latest documents

Word, Power and Excel work great on iPad. They don’t offer all the features that Windows programs do, but most of what the average user needs will work. Add to that OneNote, OneDrive, Skype, and some of the other lesser-known apps like Lync and Yammer.

Note Taking Competence

importance for ipad

Notability gives iPad users what OneNote offers to Surface Pro 3 users.

Unfortunately, the OneNote iPad app does not yet allow users to take handwritten notes within the app. Until they do, users will want a nice handwritten note app like the one below. Fame. The app organizes notes into folders and allows users to type on the screen, type using a keyboard, and add visual content such as photos.