How To Turn On Hey Siri On Your iPhone With iOS 10

The first major revolution in how we interact with the apps and services we trust every day came with the launch of Apple’s Siri-equipped iPhone 4s. The personal assistant has shown that even smartphones with advanced multi-touch screens and more that make you feel like you’re directly manipulating your pictures have some room to get better. Apple made another innovation when it added the Hey Siri command.

When the feature is enabled, saying “Hey Siri” replaces long pressing the home button. This makes it even easier to choose the next song to play in your car. You can do other things without having to interact directly with your iPhone. Siri can give you sports scores, change settings and send messages and you don’t have to tap once.

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Here’s how to turn on Hey Siri on your iPhone with iOS 10.

How to Set Up Hey Siri in iOS 10

Before we get started, there’s something you need to know.

Hey Siri has been around for a while. Apple didn’t add the feature with iOS 10, it just enhanced it. Before you can see what’s shown in this tutorial on your device, you must have iOS 10 installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. That said, phones, tablets, and more plugged into iOS 9 still have the Hey Siri feature. will just be in General Settings field instead of those shown here.

unlock your iPhone as you normally do. If you’re using your finger with TouchID, do it now. If you are not using TouchID, enter your PIN Code now. If you are not using any security on your iPhone, press the home button to unlock your device.

Hey Siri on iOS 101

Welcome to the home screen. Search for the Settings app on your home screen. Note that the Settings app may be buried in a folder if you rearranged your apps. This Settings app is in the lower right corner of our screen in this example.

Hey Siri on iOS 102

Welcome to the settings screen. Naturally, turning on Hey Siri is a feature that can be found in Siri’s settings. Scroll down a bit until you see the Siri icon. Faucet Siri.

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Hey Siri on iOS 103

To use the Hey Siri command in iOS 10, you must first activate the personal assistant. translate change Tagged as Siri to open Siri.

Hey Siri on iOS 105

Next, your iPhone will ask if you want to enable the personal assistant as it relies on Apple’s servers and your personal information to make life easier for you. Tap on Activate Siri If you are comfortable accepting Apple’s terms.

Hey Siri on iOS 108

Find the Allow “Hey Siri” field and flip the switch to the right to turn it on.

Hey Siri on iOS 1011

iOS 10 lets you keep listening to Siri without having to keep your iPhone plugged in at your desk or in the car. Apple has also added a setup screen to walk you through the process of running the voice command. Faucet To continue.

Hey Siri on iOS 1012

Your iPhone will now ask you to say some phrases so it can better understand your voice. Note that you may want to do this in a quiet place as your iPhone will pick up any nearby background noise.

Hey Siri on iOS 1015

Now that you’re back in the Siri settings area, flip the Access When Locked switch. This gives you access to most of Siri’s features without having to unlock your phone first.

Hey Siri on iOS 1017

Using Hey Siri in iOS 10

Now that you have Hey Siri up and running, it’s time to learn the basics of using it. First of all, Hey Siri is not a universal alternative for interacting with your iPhone. You’ll need to interact with your device to get things done that Siri has yet to streamline.

However, one of the restrictions Apple removed with iOS 9 was that modern iPhones must be plugged into a power outlet before Hey Siri can be used. With the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus, you can use the Hey Siri command anytime, even if your smartphone isn’t plugged in. Don’t worry, turning on Hey Siri doesn’t seem to ruin iPhone battery life. At least not in our experience. Be sure to pay attention to your battery meter for the first few days you turn on the feature.

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Say “Hey Siri” and your iPhone will be ready for a command. You can tell it to play a specific artist, album, or song from your music collection, and the name of the song, artist, or album by saying “Play.” “Hey Siri, play Beats 1” is a great way to quickly start streaming Apple’s new radio station. Of course, if you don’t have a car with a Bluetooth stereo, Siri will play the music through the iPhone’s speakers.

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You can also call your different contacts without having to go through too many hoops. Just by saying “Call” and saying the person’s name. Colloquial like “Hey Siri, I want Chinese”. Siri will get search results for you and give you directions and more if needed.

For the “Hey Siri” command to work effectively, Low Power Mode must be disabled when your iPhone or iPad is unplugged. This is because Low Power Mode restricts what apps can do in the background.