How To Turn On Chromebook Developer Mode

Chromebooks are great machines not just for students, but for developers as well. It allows you to interact with Chrome OS on a deeper level through Developer Mode. Basically, switching to Developer Mode is like rooting your Android device. You lose many of the security features provided by Google and you go on your own. Google allows access to this type of environment so you can mess with the operating system and make changes freely without any security restrictions. So, if you are an emerging developer or programmer, here is how you can turn on Chromebook Developer Mode.

Turn On Chromebook Developer Mode

Before we begin, let me clear up some key points. After the Chromebook goes into Developer mode, your computer will be power-washed. It essentially means all your locally stored data will be deleted from all profiles. Therefore, it is recommended to back up your local data to Google Drive before proceeding.

Also, remember: Developer Channel is not the same as Developer Mode. The first is a way to get the latest, but faulty, Chrome OS updates, the second is an environment where most of the security features are comfortable for you to mess with the operating system. Now that we’ve cleared the doubt, let’s get started with the tutorial.

1. First, turn off your Chromebook completely. Later on, Hold down the “Esc” and “Refresh” keys on your keyboard and then press the power button. Instantly, your Chromebook will boot into “Recovery Mode”.

2. It will show something like “Chrome OS is missing or damaged”. After seeing this screen, don’t worry, it is expected to behave like this. Now press the Ctrl + D shortcut on your keyboard and after that press enter.

Open Chromebook

3. Now, the Chromebook will reboot and boot into Developer Mode. Don’t forget, As long as Developer Mode is on, it will display a 30 second warning each time and play a beep before it turns on normally. Now go ahead and set up your Chromebook as you would in normal mode.

Turn off Chromebook Developer Mode

If you want to disable Chromebook Developer Mode you can, but it will wash your device again. Therefore, backup is recommended again.

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1. there is Two ways to turn off Developer Mode on Chromebook. The first one goes through the Root Bark. Just open the Chrome browser and Press the Ctrl + Alt + T shortcut To open the terminal, type the following commands one by one here and press enter.


crossystem disable_dev_request=1; reboot

Turn off Chromebook Developer Mode

2. Your Chromebook it will reboot, wash itself and then boot switch to normal mode. Now you can set up your device normally.

3. the other way It is to completely power cycle your Chromebook. During boot it will show a warning message for 30 seconds as I mentioned above. There, it will ask you to press the “Space” button to re-enable OS verification. Well, press the space button and follow the onscreen instructions from now on. In a few moments, your Chromebook will switch from Development Mode to normal mode.

    Developer Mode 3

Enable Chromebook Developer Mode and Tinker with Chrome OS

This was our short guide on how to enable Chromebook Developer Mode. I have to say, don’t go into Developer mode unless you are an expert in Chrome OS. Google removes most of the protections like secure boot, shell access and more. As I said above, it is similar to rooting your Android smartphone. So only proceed if you know what you are doing. Anyway, that’s it for us. If you found the article helpful, comment below and let us know. If you want to buy a good Chromebook, go to our separate article.

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