How To Turn Off The 5 Most Annoying iOS 10 Features

The iOS 10 update changes the way you use your iPhone. Change isn’t good for everyone, though. Here’s how to turn off the five most annoying iOS 10 features. You can also use this to turn off the most annoying iOS 10.0.2 features.

For some users, this will take you back to the way your iPhone works with iOS 9, and for others, you’ll be turning off an annoying iOS 10 feature that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

If iOS 10 is too much of a change for you and disabling those annoying iOS 10 features isn’t enough, you can still upgrade to iOS 9 for a limited time.

Turn off Handwriting in Landscape Mode

Learn how to turn off handwriting in iOS 10 horizontally.

While in Messages in iOS 10, there is a new handwriting option that can be triggered automatically when you accidentally turn your iPhone sideways.

To turn off handwriting in landscape mode, turn your phone sideways and activate it. Then tap the keyboard at the bottom right. This should keep the iPhone on a keyboard when you go to landscape.

Turn Off Press To Unlock iPhone


When you turn on your iPhone, you must press it now to unlock the iPhone. This is instead of swiping to unlock. You can go to settings and change it so that when you put your finger on the home button, it unlocks without you pressing it. go. More information on how to unlock iPhone without pressing the home button can be found here.

Turn off Raise to Wake in iOS 10

Turn off annoying iOS 10 features

In iOS 10, the iPhone will turn on the screen when you pick up the iPhone. This is called raising to wake up. This is an iOS 10 feature that you can turn off if it bothers you. .

Turn off Text Messages on Lock Screen in iOS 10

Turn off Annoying iPhone Feature iOS 10

By default, iPhone shows your text messages on the lock screen and allows anyone who picks up the phone to reply, even when the phone is locked. You can turn it off by going into settings.


Turn Off Automatically Installed iMessage Apps

Turn off annoying iOS 10 features iPhone

When you update or install an app, you may start to see iMessage apps appear in your Messages as well. If you have iMessage apps that you don’t use, this can quickly become annoying.


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