How to Turn Off iPad Notifications?

Have you ever watched a movie on your iPad or iPad 2 and been interrupted by a push notification containing some useless information from some apps you rarely use? I have. Have you ever sat on the couch with your tablet trying to get some work done, interrupted by a notification from one of your friends or family members with the word “Hey” (and nothing else)?

Yes, this happened to me too.

And this is annoying.

Often times, I turn off all notifications on my iPad to watch an interrupted activity or finish some work on a review without having to deal with annoying friends or family members. (I love you all.)

And I assume you want to do the same. Why else would it be here?

With the release of iOS 5, Apple introduced something called Notification Center that gathers all your notifications in one place. You can scroll down from this center and access things like popups, emails, and iMessages.

I’ll tell you how to turn them all off.

The introduction of Notification Center also introduced a new feature called “Manually Disable Push Notifications for Every App on Your iPad” that wasn’t in the iOS 5 guide. Translation: Now you need to review each of your apps to make sure push notifications are turned off.

I will also show you how to do this.

So grab your iPad or iPad and let’s get to work.

Go to on your iPad.

Then tap on it towards the top of the menu on the left.

How to Turn Off iPad Notifications?

You should be at a screen listing things on your iPad under two categories. Firstly . Then, if you scroll down a bit, you will see the second group below it.

How to Turn Off iPad Notifications?

The first group is the apps currently open in your Notification Center. Now all you have to do to prevent them from appearing is to tap each one and go inside and set the switch to the position.

If you did this correctly, all your apps should now be in the Notification Center section.

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Now, that’s just part of the deal.

Also, every app and . There are some apps like Facebook that let you do this through your iOS Settings. Others let you go inside the actual app to turn them off.

Most apps will ask if you want to enable Push Notifications after you install them. If you think you don’t want them, your best bet is to just say no. And later, if you think they will be useful, you can open them.


On the left, you should see a category under startup options. For this example, I chose Facebook. Tap Facebook and go to its options. Do you see it in the middle of the screen? Tap

How to Turn Off iPad Notifications?

You will be greeted by a nice screen showing a number of options. You will want to change everything you see. Again, every app works differently, so you may need to do a little detective work to learn how to turn off notifications.

How to Turn Off iPad Notifications?

Finally, you will want to do this, you can learn how to do it by going here.

Once you have completed this final step, you should be able to use your iPad without any unwanted interruptions. Well, unless you have an iPhone sitting on the table next to you.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out How to Turn Off iPhone Notifications.

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