How to Turn Off Glance Lock Screen in MIUI

Xiaomi is one of the popular smartphone brands. The company’s products offer commendable features at an attractive price. All phones from Xiaomi and Redmi run a custom skin based on Android called MIUI. And Glance Lock Screen on phones running MIUI is quickly getting annoying.

MIUI combines many useful features such as cloning apps or creating a second space for your private data. However, Glance lock screen usually gets in your way for a hassle-free experience. It is an overlay that sits on top of your lock screen and displays promotional content such as ads.

While a few are fine with it, most are unaware of how to disable it. We will show you how to disable Glance from your phone’s lock screen.

What is Glance Lock Screen?

When you buy a new Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO smartphone, you may accidentally enable the Glance lock screen option during the setup process. Unfortunately, the option is selected by default. Unless you disable it manually, you will continue to see ads on the lock screen.

When enabled, Glance sits as an overlay on your phone’s lock screen and performs multiple functions. It changes your lock screen wallpaper frequently and gives you new options every day. This is something users may like as it regularly gives your lock screen a fresh coat of paint. But Glance also pushes promoted content to the lock screen; this means you will see ads on your phone every time you turn on the screen.

Why You Should Disable View From Lock Screen?

By disabling the gaze lock screen feature, you can get rid of ads and promoted content on your lock screen and have a cleaner experience while using your phone. Glance also consumes additional mobile data to refresh wallpapers and content, so it’s a good idea to disable Glance if you have limited data. It can also marginally increase your battery life.

It can also be a privacy issue, as Glance can display targeted ads based on your preferences and usage history. Unless you find the feature really useful, there is no good reason to keep it enabled.

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How to Disable Glance Lock Screen in MIUI

If you have intentionally or unintentionally enabled the Glance lock screen when setting up your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO smartphone running MIUI, the process of disabling it is quite simple. This method works for all versions of MIUI.

Stage 1: Open the Settings app on your smartphone. Scroll down and tap ‘Lock screen’.

Settings in MIUI

Step 2: Under the ‘Lock Screen’ section, you’ll find the ‘Look at Mi’ setting. Tap on it.

Glance lock screen

Stage 3: Here you will see various options to toggle the Glance lock screen feature. If you don’t want to disable Glance entirely, you can choose which categories of wallpapers or other content you get from this screen.

Glance lock screen settings

Step 4: To disable the look, tap the toggle next to ‘Turn on’.

Close Look

Step 5: When you tap the button, the operating system will ask you about the problem you are encountering and why you want to close Glance. You can choose to share your problem by tapping ‘Sure’ or tap ‘Skip’ to quickly disable it.

Skip to view option

That is all. No more ads on your phone’s lock screen. Note that this will also disable automatic changing of lock screen wallpapers. However, you can always get a third-party wallpaper app like Backgrounds and set a custom wallpaper for the lock screen.

No More Ads on Your Lock Screen

Enjoy your fresh, clean new lock screen without ads or irrelevant content! When you pick up your phone, the first thing you encounter is your phone’s lock screen, and seeing ads on the lock screen is definitely not a pleasant experience. Disabling the gaze from the lock screen will provide a consistent overall experience on the phone. So the next time you install a phone running MIUI, be sure to take the time to disable Glance during the setup process.

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