How to Turn Off Galaxy S9 Auto-Correct

Here’s how to turn off autocorrect on Galaxy S9 and take back control of your keyboard. If you’re having autocorrect issues, you’re likely sending someone the wrong word or message. This is especially true when typing fast and tapping suggestions from the keyboard.

While the Galaxy S9 has a few occasional issues, autocorrect is one of the most annoying. We will show you how to prevent Galaxy S9 autocorrect problems or at least stop the keyboard from changing what you type.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 learns from you over time as you type. The keyboard will learn your habits, style and even your favorite words. As we learned from you, Galaxy S9 autocorrect will become more accurate.


If you’re trying to type words like “to/too”, “home” and “come” but get “top”, “hone”, “good” and “cone” instead, we know how you feel. Or you’ll try to type a friend’s name like “Jim” but autocorrect will change it to “he”. This automatic fix is ​​failing you, so let’s get rid of it quickly.

When you turn off predictive text, most of your problems will go away completely. That’s the name of autocorrect because the phone guesses what you’re trying to type and automatically replaces or corrects errors.

Note that there are actually two ways to fix your Galaxy S9 autocorrect problems. One is to turn off predictive text like we just did. However, you can still use autocorrect, but disable the “auto-replace” feature, which replaces what you type. This gives you predictive intelligence without intrusive changes. Basically, you will continue to receive corrections and suggestions, only you will be able to choose when to add them to a sentence or message. Not a phone. Here’s how to do it.

Turn Off Auto-Switching on Galaxy S9 Keyboard

While autocorrect can be extremely frustrating at times, it is also very useful and a tool that millions of people can’t live without. Or you can’t type quickly and accurately without it. If you’re missing the suggestions and predictions, or trust their correct spelling, we’ve got you covered. You can keep predictions without automatically changing anything in your message.

In the keyboard settings, tap where it says Predictive Text toggle instead of flipping it as mentioned above. Now uncheck the auto-replace feature of predictive text.

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This gives you the best of both worlds. Your Galaxy S9 will still guess words and correct mistakes for you, but will not automatically add them to your sentence or message. You control it, so you won’t be frustrated because you see that a message you sent earlier was incorrect. Note that you can still quickly tap the suggestions above the keyboard to add predictions to your typing experience.

Now you know that, choose the best one for you. Get rid of Galaxy S9 autocorrect completely or turn down the volume to better grasp your messages. If you’re still having problems while you’re here, try a different keyboard for the Galaxy S9. Then, take a look at these Galaxy S9 battery saving tips or grab a screen saver from our slideshow below.