How to Turn Off Galaxy S8 Always On Display

Whether it’s for distractions or you just want better battery life, this guide will explain how to disable Galaxy S8 always on display. It’s open 24/7, which some people like but some don’t. Fortunately, it can be customized.

As millions of people get their new phones, many will have questions and concerns. Although it takes a minute to get used to being on screen all the time, we recommend holding on to it. If not, read the simple instructions.

When you turn off the Galaxy S8 or S8+ screen, the screen is still on. A small area displays the time, date, battery level and even some notifications. It’s called “Always-on Display”, but it’s not for everyone. Fortunately, we can easily customize it a little bit or turn it off entirely.

How to Disable Galaxy S8 Always On Display

Fortunately, almost every aspect of this device is customizable. Samsung really delivered. In the settings, you’ll find options, controls, or toggle switches for just about anything.

To disable the always-on display feature, we have to go quickly and flip the switch to position. This much. Here are more details and some screenshots to help you disable it.

  1. Pull down the notification bar and press the button
  2. find and select
  3. turn the option for
  4. Or tap on Always On Display.

You only need to tap the settings a few times to disable it from the settings menu. Now the screen will completely turn off and will not show anything. That said, users will have to tap the power button to quickly check notifications and the like.

Other details

According to studies, the average user unlocks their phone more than 150 times a day. Usually just to check the time, the weather or look at notifications. Instead of turning on the entire phone, let the Always-On display show this information at a glance. In the end, you actually need to save battery life. Samsung claims it uses less than 5% for an entire working day.

Even in a dark room or at night it can be set to a lower setting and brighter during the day making it easier to see at all times. Basically, it’s worth using.

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Above is a snapshot of some of the options available to owners. There’s no way to manually control the brightness or add new widgets (like the weather icon), but it’s still pretty handy. Users can choose from 7-8 different clocks, backgrounds, calendars and more. There are even new “face widgets” where you can tap and swipe the clock for more options like music controls without waking the device. It’s clean, right.

Samsung also manually updates the Always-On Display app with more features or options throughout the year. So more could come soon. For now, try to get used to it or disable always showing on screen with our instructions above.

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