How to Turn Off Galaxy S7 Notification LED Light

Samsung’s impressive new waterproof Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones are feature-packed premium high-end devices, and the notification LED light above the screen is something many people love. This LED blinks for incoming notifications, alerts, missed calls and more. Here we will explain how to turn off or disable the Galaxy S7 notification LED light.

Now that both phones have been on the market since the beginning of March, we are getting a lot of questions from new buyers. Here’s a list of 10 settings to change right out of the box, and below is info on turning that nasty LED light off.

Unfortunately, unlike older Samsung devices, we can’t control what the notification LED light uses or what colors it flashes, but we can turn it off. There are 3rd party apps that will give users full control of this but for now all we can do is disable it in settings.

On the Galaxy S7, unlike in previous years, many settings are in completely different places, including turning off the notification LED light. However, it’s still very easy and takes less than 20 seconds to disable.

Many users, myself included, love the notification LED because it informs us without looking at the phone or unlocking it. But others don’t want it to blink all day or blink brightly at night while they sleep. Actually, I turn my Galaxy S7 Edge face down while sleeping to avoid this exact issue. Not to mention that the Always On Display is on.

On the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the notification LED lights up when the device is charging and changes from red to orange when low and green when full. It flashes every few seconds when you have unread messages, emails, missed calls and other notifications, which is very useful as we mentioned above. If you still don’t like it, let’s turn it off completely.


While we haven’t heard reports of random flashing like other Samsung devices, this is still a feature that many users prefer to disable.

Start by going to settings by selecting the gear-shaped settings button in the notification pop-up bar or by going to the settings app in the app tray. Now things have changed here. In Settings, go to “Display”, not notifications, and under Display settings there is a toggle for notification LED as shown below.

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Under and turn the key to position. This much. Isn’t it simple? Now that flashing light will no longer go out and disturb those around you, light up a room at night and more.

We have a problem with this, it also turns off the LED light during charging. Personally I think this should be a separate setting. I want to keep the notification LED for charging but turn it off for notifications. Better still, choose which notifications can use the LED, like older Samsung phones. Sadly it’s all or nothing with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

If you decide you want it back later, go to the same settings menu and turn it back on; Everything is ready. However, as a last resort for those who want to customize, some Apps like LightFlow lets you choose which colors will light up for each specific app or notification type. Some apps that allow this type of customization require root, but if not, try it today.