How to Turn Off Edge Screen on Galaxy S9

Here’s how to disable the edge screen on your Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The pull-out panel on the side of your screen provides quick access to apps, contacts and cool features, but it also blocks the way for some. If the Edge screen is more annoying than useful, here’s how to get rid of it.

The Edge screen on Samsung phones is the small white panel on the top edge of your screen. Swipe out and get instant access to some useful features. Or if you’re trying to get rid of “Edge lighting”, we’ll show you that too.

How to Disable Edge Screen on Galaxy S9

If you have noticed that there is a flashing light from the side of your phone, it is the “Edge light” feature. When you lie on your stomach, you are notified of incoming messages by a flashing light. Pretty neat, but also a distraction for some. Additionally, some of them keep pulling out the Edge apps tray by mistake, so we’ll help you disable both.

This is a quick process and only takes about 20 seconds. Turn off Edge panels, disable or customize Edge lighting from settings. In fact, you can customize the entire edge experience, so you can keep what you want and get rid of what you don’t. Rather than disabling everything completely.

Customize the Edge screen

While your first reaction is probably to completely turn off the Edge screen on the Galaxy S9, try customizing it first. There are over 14 panels full of different controls, options or features. Not to mention more than you can download. So while there’s a lot to like, there are plenty of reasons to disable the edge. Just know that you can customize the experience or disable everything.

Additionally, we recommend moving the Edge panel to a more convenient location before giving up completely. Try top left or right and get out of your way. That way, you have the functionality without accidentally touching it. Samsung includes the option to reduce the size of the panel or make it transparent so that it is not noticeable. Here’s how to try these steps too.

The first option from here is to drag the Edge panel handle up or down anywhere on your screen. If you keep hitting it accidentally, move it to a place where you’re less inclined to touch it. Next, select the left or right side, resize the panel and make it transparent so that it is harder to see.

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We recommend making it as small as possible and moving it to the top left corner of the screen. Now you’ll never accidentally hit the Edge panel, but it’s still available when you need it. Before we go, here’s how to disable the always-on display on your Galaxy S9. Or keep it safe with one of our 20 best Galaxy S9 cases.

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