How to Turn Off Automatic Renewal of Apple Music After Trial

Apple Music comes with a three-month free trial, but automatically renews by default once those three months are up. Here’s how to prevent this from happening.

Apple Music was released late last month with the iOS 8.4 update for iPhone and iPad. The new music streaming service is built into the iOS 8 Music app and works with your locally stored music library.

It’s Apple’s first foray into streaming music, and in a highly saturated market, it looks like it will compete with Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, Tidal, and more. That said, Apple already has a larger user base, so it probably won’t have a problem getting iPhone and iPad users to sign up for a three-month trial; this is perhaps the longest trial period we’ve seen of any software product recently. .

If you’re interested in trying Apple Music, you can do so without paying a dime for the first three months, but after that Apple will start charging you $9.99 a month unless you turn off auto-renew.

If you’re not sure if you can pay $9.99 a month, or you know you definitely won’t, here’s how to turn off Apple Music’s auto-renewal so you won’t be charged automatically when the free trial expires.

Turning off Apple Music’s Auto-Renewal

Three months is enough time to try Apple Music, and if you know you won’t be continuing to use the service after the free trial expires, you’ll want to be careful and make sure Apple doesn’t automatically charge you. $10 for the first month after the trial period ends.

You have to dig a bit deep in Apple Music settings to turn off auto-renewal, but it’s still pretty easy to find. Just follow these simple steps.

Open the app on your iPhone or iPad and tap the profile icon in the upper left corner (it’s the icon with a bust of a person inside a circle).


Next, tap on it and enter your Apple ID password (this is the password used to sign in to iTunes and purchase apps.


After that, scroll down and select the section below and then tap on With Apple Music Subscription in the smaller text just below.


Where it says, tap the toggle switch on the right to turn it off. Turning it off will not cancel your Apple Music service at that time, but will expire after the three months at the end of the free trial.

On the same screen, you can change your monthly plan if you want to continue using Apple Music after the trial period. If you have two or more people in your household to share Apple Music with, you can also opt for a family plan here for $14.99 per month.

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Apple-Music-auto refresh

Of course, this is not the only tip you need to know about Apple Music. In fact, there are a handful that are worth knowing and taking advantage of.

You can also set any Apple Music song as your alarm when you wake up in the morning, that way you don’t have to use any of those lame default sounds on iOS. Definitely a better way to start the day, especially if you’re not a morning person. You can also use Beats 1 as your alarm if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

It also doesn’t hurt to get the most out of Apple Music’s recommendations for you, as the new music service is the bread and butter, and if it’s playlists you’re after, Apple Music has loads of pre-made and handcrafted ones. -Selected playlists to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your next date.

Another thing, if you’re not a big fan of Apple Music and would rather not use or even see it, you can turn off Apple Music and disable many of its features from appearing in the Music app.