How to Turn Off AutoCorrect on iPhone

iPhone’s autocorrect feature can help prevent annoying typos, but for many users, iPhone autocorrect can create a lot of problems by confusing many words or even creating embarrassing typos. Turning off autocorrect on iPhone takes less than a minute and you can make the change as often as you want.

iPhone autocorrect tries to understand what you really want to type as you type. The tool matches your contacts and backup words you teach iPhone with a built-in iPhone dictionary.

In theory, the iPhone understands what you’re trying to type, and autocorrect corrects words so that instead of typos and random words, what you want to type is what appears on the screen.

Even with improvements in iOS 9 and newer updates, iPhone autocorrect can automatically change the meaning of a word and automatically change slang, abbreviations, proper names, and even swear by ridiculous alternatives.

To avoid this problem and the hassle of corrected words you don’t actually want to type, you can turn off autocorrect in iPhone settings. Use the guide below to disable autocorrect so you can send messages exactly as you type (typos, slang, etc.).

How to disable AutoCorrect on iPhone

This works on iPhone and iPad with updates to iOS 9, iOS 8 and newer.

Faucet .

Scroll down and select

Turn off iPhone autocorrect - 1

On the next screen, tap .

Find the slider and

You will also see a Spelling option in this menu area that you can turn off. Even if you don’t like autocorrect, this is a good option to continue. Spell check only shows misspelled words, it doesn’t replace them automatically. You can tap on a misspelled word and get suggestions on what you might have wanted to write.

You can also instantly correct common typos and type faster with iPhone keyboard shortcuts. Take a look at how to set them up and 15 of the best iPhone keyboard shortcuts.

It is also possible to add new iPhone keyboards to the device for different typing options such as Swiftkey, Swype and many more.

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