How to transfer your Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go

you caught some pokemon in Pokemon Go and I want to transfer them Let’s go ? It is possible on one condition: You must reach Parmania in Pokémon Let’s Go knowing that they will surely disappear Pokemon Go You will no longer be able to transfer the Pokémon you acquire from this to an instance of your Switch. Pokemon Go. Another limitation: only pokemon existing at the time pokemon yellow can be transferred. Finally Don’t forget to reach parmany not a health song and requires good progress in the game it may take several tens of hours depending on your level.

Guide to transferring your Pokémon Go creatures to Let’s Go on Switch on your mobile device

once you reached parmany In the game on Switch go to the main menu and Connection with Pokémon Goback then

  • Open Pokémon Go on your smartphone, pokeball down then Options top right
  • To choose Nintendo switch and confirm the connection on your smartphone and console when prompted
  • 2 games are now associated
  • In pokemon let’s gogo to GO-Park related to parmany
  • In Pokemon Gochoose option Nintendo switch and choose on your smartphone pokemon to transfer
  • back pokemon let’s gogather pokemon with the receptionist GO-Park

they were able to reach parmany and transferred pokemon you caught Pokemon Go ? Talk about it in the comments!

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