How to Transfer Your iTunes Library to Android

A port from iTunes to Android was considered for a while, but it didn’t. And it sometimes took months or even years for people to carefully organize each piece of music to create an iTunes library worthy of its name. But now they have replaced their iPod with an Android smartphone and they want to get their music back. We explain how with this little tutorial. they all have three ways make.

With a simple copy/paste

The first solution is very simple, it consists of copying/pasting your music files from your computer to your Android phone. A solution that also works if you are using iTunes, you will find your music files in the folder. “Music>iTunes>iTunes Media” on your computer.

Using the DoubleTwist app

If you are using iTunes (on PC or Mac) the other solution is,Download the “DoubleTwist” app for free », you will find here. This app works like iTunes, but on Android you will have the advantage of finding an app that will make it easy to transfer your music to your new phone.

double twist-mac

Once this is done, all you have to do is transfer your music library from iTunes to the software and load it. “DoubleTwist Player” app which is on Google Play. The download link is just below.


twisted double

Now that you have the app on your computer and Android phone, you will be able to connect the two. sync your music. You can do this using a USB connection or wirelessly using the AirSync option reserved for the paid version of DoubleTwist Player (4.99 Euro).

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with Google Play Music

Here is the procedure to follow when it comes to Google’s music solution:

  • go Google Play Music site
  • Click the gear icon in the top right, then Settings.
  • Scroll music on this computerClick the Add your music button.
  • iTunes will be displayed on the screen as a source option.sync your music in the Cloud.
  • Leave your browser open To allow your music to be downloaded. Progress can be seen in the lower left corner of the Play Music window.
  • Open the Google Play Music app on your smartphone. When the add process is complete, Cloud songs will be displayed in the app.

Now you can find all your iTunes music on your Android smartphone.

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