How to Tell the Difference Between Genuine and Fake Apple Keyboard

If you have an iMac or other desktop Mac computer, an Apple Bluetooth keyboard most likely comes with it. However, if you have a MacBook plugged into an external monitor and want to use a separate mouse and keyboard, you may be seeing Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard priced at $79.99.

Some users would never mind spending that much money on a keyboard, but if $80 for just a keyboard is a bit over your budget, you might want to consider logging into eBay and checking out some deals on Apple keyboards.

It’s a great idea, but you’ll want to be aware of fake Apple keyboards that sell so cheaply. You’ll see lots of “Apple keyboards” that cost between $10-$20 and look like the real thing in the photos, but they’re actually generic branded crap.

When looking for a good deal on an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll want to be aware of the fake and cheap Apple keyboard clones that may come your way. Here’s how to tell the difference between a real Apple keyboard and a fake one.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to telling the differences between a real and fake Apple keyboard, it’s much easier than trying to do the same with Apple’s Lightning cables. Surprisingly, Apple keyboard replicas don’t do a very good job of cloning the real thing, and there are many differences you can spot right away.

For this article, I will compare an original Apple keyboard that I bought for $40 from eBay with a fake one that I bought for around $10.

2014-05-19 16.40.08

At first glance, both keyboards look relatively identical; they both have white keys and an aluminum silver shell with almost identical layouts, making it difficult to decipher which remotely is the original keyboard. But get closer and the differences become clearer.

The fake Apple keyboard doesn’t actually have an aluminum shell, but rather a cheap plastic case painted to look more like an aluminum shell. The build quality is incredibly cheap, and I could probably split it in half with my bare hands (I’m not incredibly muscular either, so that’s saying something).

When you turn the keyboards upside down and look at the back, you can immediately tell if an Apple keyboard is genuine or fake. A genuine Apple keyboard has the Apple logo affixed just behind the keyboard, and you’ll also notice that it has a cylindrical keyboard stand that not only supports the keyboard for comfortable typing, but also houses two AA batteries. to resume and resume keyboard.

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2014-05-19 16.41.40

As for the fake Apple keyboard, you won’t find an Apple logo anywhere, and instead of a nice-looking cylindrical stand that supports the keyboard, it will have a cheap, plastic rectangular enclosure that stores the batteries.

Keys and Layout

A big part of what makes Apple keyboard imitations look so similar to the original models is the layout and keys. However, if you look closely, you’ll find a few differences that are dead giveaways of an Apple keyboard.

First of all, all you really need to do is take a look at the top row of keys. On an original Apple keyboard, you have the Esc key, the screen brightness keys, the Dashboard and Launch Keys, followed by the playback controls and volume keys, and then an Eject key.

2014-05-19 16.40.36

On a knockout keyboard, the top row keys are all sorts of messy. There’s just a square icon instead of the Esc key – not sure what this is about. There are also two keys with a search key followed by a picture icon and a keyboard icon, I have no idea what their function is. Further down, however, you have your typical playback controls and volume keys, followed by the Delete key instead of the Eject key, which is a bit surprising considering there’s already a Delete key just below it.

As for the other keys and the overall layout of the two keyboards, there are some subtle differences that you might not catch the first time around. On an original Apple keyboard, the letters and numbers will be in the middle of the keys, whereas on the fake Apple keyboard I bought, the letters and numbers are aligned to the top left; that’s a great gift right there.

2014-05-19 16.41.18 copies

However, the differences in the layout of the keys are much more subtle, but you can easily tell that the layouts are different by looking at the area around the M key, Space bar, and right Command key. On an original Apple keyboard there will be a perfect four-way intersection between the four keys in this area, the knockout keyboard I got is a bit off. This may not seem like a big deal, but think about it; you mostly use feeling and muscle memory when typing, which allows you to write without looking. However, if the keyboard layout is off, it can impair your muscle memory and keyboard feel and require you to relearn everything.

A Good Trial Keyboard

Finally, there’s really nothing wrong with an Apple keyboard. In fact, it can be a great way to try out an Apple keyboard without spending a lot of money in the first place. Then if you like the look and feel enough, you can upgrade to a real Apple keyboard.

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That’s essentially what I did. I’ve used a Logitech keyboard for years, but when working in my home office, I felt I needed a consistent typing experience when switching from my MacBook keyboard to my desktop keyboard. So, I started by trying a knockout Apple keyboard. That way, if I didn’t like it, I could easily go back to my Logitech keyboard and wouldn’t be in the $80 hole if I’d gone ahead and bought a brand new Apple keyboard. Used for only $40.

Sure, you can buy a brand new Apple keyboard from the Apple Store or Best Buy and take advantage of their return policy if you don’t like it; just make sure you keep the box and all the manuals (and most importantly the receipt!).

If you’re considering buying an Apple keyboard for the first time, I recommend everyone do something like this, but once it’s time to go out and buy an original Apple keyboard, make sure you don’t get a knockout.

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