How To Tell If Your Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe In Use?

This guide will explain how to check if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe to use and confirm new replacement models are ready to use. Samsung will start replacing dangerous and malfunctioning Galaxy Note 7 smartphones around September 21. Earlier this month, the company issued a global recall for all units sold due to the battery exploding and potentially catching fire.

Samsung has been busy producing the new Galaxy Note 7 units that are secure to be delivered to carriers and retail stores. around September 19 but many won’t have them until the 21st. With over 2.5 million units released in 11 countries, this is a quick turnaround for an unprecedented event.

As new models arrive and the release date continues, all current, new and future owners will want to make sure they have a secure phone. Otherwise, the device may explode and catch fire. Now Samsung has The official recall has begun.Here’s how to check and make sure you have a device that won’t fail.

When it comes to the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will take multiple different approaches to ensure customer safety. An update should be released that will stop affected devices from charging above 60% to prevent overheating and explosions. New replacement models will also be clearly marked.

How To Check If Your Galaxy Note 7 Is Safe In Use?

Samsung change color Battery indicator in the upper right corner of the screen on all new and secure Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. A software tweak will color it. The green battery icon is a sign that you have a new Galaxy Note 7 with no faulty battery. This will change to green in three areas on the phone. Main battery indicator, battery logo on always-on display and reboot screen as shown below.

Note-7-new batteryCurrent Samsung smartphones have a white battery indicator on the display next to the clock, but new Galaxy Note 7 models will receive a software update that turns it green.

Some have already received spare Galaxy Note 7 units and the battery indicator is still white. A software update will come to change the color in the coming days. We advise all owners to accept the update. This will be how owners can show flight attendants and others that the phone is secure.

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Other Ways to Make Sure Your Note 7 Is Safe

All new Galaxy Note 7 models shipped will also have some visible markings on their boxes. In the United States, buyers should see the image posted below provided by Samsung.


Buyers should look for a product that may be at the bottom depending on the region. It will then be more prominent in the corner with a big blue letter on it. Although we hear that this is only in Australia.


These are the ways owners can quickly determine that an existing or new Galaxy Note 7 is safe to use.

Check Your Galaxy Note 7 IMEI Number

As of September 15, the company has launched a brand new website with information and an IMEI device checker tool. an IMEI device-specific numbers that can be checked against a database. IMEI is like a phone social security number. This will report back whether the device is a new case model or an original defective item. We recommend using this now and after you get a new Note 7 or buy a used one.

Screenshot 2016-09-15 3.51.48 PM

Open the dialer and type to find your IMEI number; A box opens with device information. One of them will be the IMEI. Enter it on Samsung’s website when available. Owners can also find and enter the IMEI on their box or under Settings > Device Management > Status > IMEI right here.

When the Galaxy Note 7 is relaunched worldwide, only new models will be available from trusted retailers, so buyers should be safe. However, we recommend that you follow the steps above just to be sure. It may not be a good idea to buy the Galaxy Note 7 second hand or from websites like Craigslist. Have you bought a replacement phone yet or are you still waiting for your carrier to have it in stock? Most of them will have new phones on September 21.