How to Teach Siri Communication Relationships

Siri is a pretty impressive personal assistant for your iPhone 4S. Siri is even more impressive as it can remember relationships. You can use Siri to add contact relationships in seconds.

If you look at your contact card in iOS 5, you can easily add your spouse, but if you want to add more, the easiest way to do that is to tell Siri who your contacts are.

Siri uses a set of pre-built relationships or can create custom tags. Your imagination and what you can freely say in public are your limits when you form private relationships.

You only need a few minutes and a semi-quiet room to establish your relationships with Siri. Once you’ve configured your contacts, you can ask Siri to “call my mom” or “text my sister” instead of using their full name.

How to Add Relationships with Siri

Teach Siri About Your Relationships

It’s a good idea to build relationships with people you call or text often. Not only will this help you use Siri more efficiently, you’ll also use aliases just like you would in real life.

If you want to have fun with it, you can add friends with their old nicknames, use your favorite pet name for your boss, and much more.

If you want to have a good laugh, tell Siri a person is “your favorite swear word here” and wait for Siri to confirm the association. I actually don’t recommend adding this as a person’s relationship but it’s good for a laugh.

According to several sources, you need to sync your contacts to Gmail via iCloud, eXchange or Exchange for all these relationships to work.

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