How to Take Better Photos with Your iPhone 6

Apple recently started displaying a variety of photos Taken as a new advertising campaign on websites with iPhone 6. Here’s how you can take great photos like these with your own iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 camera is one of the best smartphone cameras on the market, and it takes better pictures than most dedicated point-and-shoot cameras, but a good camera alone doesn’t magically take great pictures. The user needs to learn a few tips and tricks to take better photos with the iPhone 6.

Even if you’re not the next world-renowned National Geographic photographer, you can take great photos with your iPhone 6 and show them off to your friends, and it doesn’t take much training or knowledge to switch from mediocre photos to another. Photos that look great when taking photos with your iPhone.

Here are a few trips and tricks you can use to take better photos with your iPhone 6.

Enable Grid

The grid feature in the iPhone’s Camera app provides two lines horizontally and two vertically across the screen. This allows you to use the rule of thirds much better by using the four sections where the lines intersect as a guide.

When framing your shot, the easiest way to get creative is to use the rule of thirds, so instead of framing your subject right in the middle of the frame, balance it out a bit and use those lines as a guide. Offseting the subject creates a beautiful composition and your photos will be more balanced. Also, viewers who see your photo will interact with it more naturally.

Of course, not every photo you take should be subject to the rule of thirds, but enabling the grid will make it easier to frame shots when taking a photo that could benefit from the rule of thirds.

Keep the Flash Off

The iPhone 6 comes with an LED flash and even comes with True Tone, the technology that determines what the color status of the room is like, and your iPhone 6 decides whether to use a warmer LED flash or a regular LED. flash.


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However, using the flash at any time is just a bad idea. The light from it can wash out your subject and make the photo (and your subject) mostly unpleasant. Instead, disable the flash altogether (use it for something else) and just try using other light sources, which brings us to the next tip.

Consider Lighting

One aspect that can seriously degrade or degrade the quality of a photo is lighting. Not having enough can make your photo look dark and grainy, so light is your friend when it comes to taking pictures. Of course, you don’t want too much, as it can wash out your subject just like the flash does, and you don’t want your iPhone pointing at a light source either because it will darken and darken the subject. It’s hard to see.

Do not point your iPhone 6 camera at a light source.

Do not point your iPhone 6 camera at a light source.

However, the built-in exposure settings in the Camera app can be helpful in any tricky lighting situation.

Tapping the viewfinder will bring up an exposure box, and then tapping and holding the little sun icon will adjust the exposure by dragging your finger up or down the screen. You shouldn’t have to do this too often because iOS usually does a good job of getting the right exposure, but it’s great to have when you want custom exposure for your photos.

Use Filters Wisely

The camera app comes with some great filters that you can add to add a bit of spice to your photos, but use them wisely.

Taken with the "Chrome" filter in the iOS Camera app.

Taken with the “Chrome” filter in the iOS Camera app.

Ideally, you should use filters sparingly, but there are some situations where they can really improve a photo to make it truly stunning. For example, when taking pictures of Antelope Canyon in Arizona, using the “Chrome” filter, I was able to capture the vibrant colors of the canyon with my iPhone, which would not normally have been taken without the filter.

The purpose of filters is not to drastically change the look of a crappy photo to make it look good, but to turn an already good photo into a great one using the appropriate filter. So, using the “Chrome” filter is great for taking pictures of the desert, while the “Noir” filter can be good for photos on a gloomy rainy day.

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Use Camera Accessories When Necessary

There are tons of iPhone accessories you can buy, and most of them are geared towards iPhone photography. Use them to your advantage.


Getting a tripod mount for your iPhone 6 makes it easy to keep your shots steady and avoid blur, while a lens kit you attach to your iPhone provides unique photos like wide-angle shots and even macro photos. We’re big fans of the Olloclip lens kit, but there’s also the ExoLens and Moment kit, all of which offer excellent quality.

Adding extra hardware to your iPhone 6 to take better photos isn’t necessarily cheating as we see it as a way to take full advantage of the iPhone 6’s camera.