How to Take and Edit Live Photos on Your iPhone

Newer iPhones can take Live Photos, which is a dynamic way to capture moving people and objects. Live Photos are the most flexible way to take iPhone photos and are easy to edit creatively. This Live Photos guide will teach you how to get the most out of your Live Photos and take them from good to great.

You may be familiar with Live Photos on the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7, but iOS 11 brings a host of new Live Photo features, even if you haven’t bought the latest iPhone. New Live Photos features allow you to change the main photo that appears in your camera roll for Live Photo, Crop Live Photo and add effects to liven up or stylize your photo.

Before you start our Live Photos guide below, keep in mind that you need to install the free iOS 11 update to use this option. Here’s what you need to know to take and edit Live Photos on your iPhone.

How to Take Live Photos

How to take Live Photos.

Apple sets Live Photos on by default when taking a regular photo. You can even use it with 2x zoom on iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus. To make sure you’re taking a Live Photo, open your camera app and make sure the little sun-looking icon on the side of the screen is yellow. If it is grey, tap on it and it will turn yellow.

When you tap it, you will see LIVE appear in the middle of the image area. LIVE also appears on the screen while taking a picture. Once this option is enabled, try to take a few photos and you will see them appear on the screen. Each tap records 1.5 seconds of audio and a continuous series of photos. You can mute the sound later if needed.

For best results, be sure to keep your iPhone still and let your subject move around the frame when taking Live Photos. Viewing Live Photos with too much camera movement can be nauseating, cause blur, and limit how you can edit them later.

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That’s all you need to do to take Live Photos on your iPhone.

How to Edit Live Photos and Add Live Effects

How to Change Default Live Photo Picture

Live Photo is actually a collection of photos and videos longer than 1.5 seconds, and sometimes the photo the software chooses by default is not the best photo. With iOS 11, you can now change the default photo that appears in your camera roll. A great way to get a clear image as a standard photo before activating the Live part of the photo.

Change the default photo in your Live Photo in iOS 11.

Change the default photo in your Live Photo in iOS 11.

  1. Go to.
  2. find one .
  3. Tap on it.
  4. in the lower area.
  5. Tap on it.
  6. Tap on it.

This will make that new photo the one that appears in your Camera Roll and that people see when you post a live Photo.

How to Crop Live Photo

Sometimes Live Photo is great, but there is a lot of jarring or irrelevant material at the beginning or end of the photo. Usually this happens when you are not planning to take a Live Photo and you end up with something awesome that causes you to put the phone aside or pick it up. Here is how to crop Live Photo.

Trim Live Photo or edit an annoying gesture.

Trim Live Photo or edit an annoying gesture.

After dragging one of the sliders, the portion of the Live Photo you want to keep will be inside the yellow section. Set them as you like and then tap Done.

How to Turn Off the Sound in a Live Photo

If you like a Live Photo but don’t like the recorded audio, you can easily turn it off without any third party app.

How to Turn Off Sound in Live Photo?

How to Turn Off Sound in Live Photo?

You can add the audio back at any time later if you decide you want it. You can’t add a new audio clip to it though, so you have to live with the sound or enjoy the silence.

How to Add Live Photo Effects: Bounce, Loop and Long Exposure

Swipe up to add effects to Live Photos.

Swipe up to add effects to Live Photos.

With iOS 11 you can now Loop Live Photo, Jump or turn into Long Exposure. These are cool effects that can make your Live Photos much cooler. You do not add these effects with the Edit button. That would make a lot of sense. How to add Live Photo Effect;

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You can only apply one effect to each photo, and sometimes an option won’t appear because the effect doesn’t work on that photo. Most of the time we don’t see an option for Loop.

Example of Long Exposure Live Photo effect taken on iPhone.

Example of Long Exposure Live Photo effect taken on iPhone.

Here’s what each of the Live Photo Effects does;

When you use Loop or Bounce you will see a special animated movie version saved in an Animation Album and you can share this movie clip. Above you can see an example of the Loop effect in Live Photo. If you crop the photo perfectly, you can get a full loop, but it takes a lot of tries to get it just right.

The photo above is basically a gif of a Live Photo with the Splash effect that runs the photo, then reverses it and repeats it over and over.

The long exposure effect is best for waterfalls, but you can also use it with car taillights. It works best when you have a tripod or can attach the iPhone to something to stabilize it.

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