How To Take A Time Out From Someone On Facebook

Recently, Facebook has been adding new features aimed at protecting and improving the mental health of its users. Instagram already has a Restrict feature that allows you to take down bullies and mute any social interaction with them on the platform. Along the same lines, Facebook “take a breakThe ” feature is a while ago and lets you virtually mute any user without having to unfriend or block them. It can be especially helpful when a relationship has gone bad or you have some disagreements with a user. So, if you want to learn how to give someone a break on Facebook, follow our guide below.

Take A Break From Someone On Facebook (2021)

Here we have detailed everything about this Facebook feature. You can use the following table of contents to navigate to the relevant section:

What Happens After You Take A Break From Someone On Facebook?

  1. First, when you choose to take a break from someone on Facebook, the individual will not know about the changes you’ve made on your side.
  2. After taking a break from someone, Not seeing their posts in your News Feed. Apart from that, Facebook also limits what that person can see on your timeline. With this person, you can adjust the privacy settings of your past posts and limit who can see those posts on Facebook.
  3. The take-out feature is pretty useful on Facebook, especially when you’re going through a relationship change. However, you can use this feature for everyonebe it your friend, family member or acquaintance.
  4. In the future, if you want remove all restrictions from that person, you can very well remove those restrictions in a few clicks.

How To Take A Time Out From Someone On Facebook

  • Using the Mobile Browser

1. If you are using Facebook in a mobile web browser, open the profile of the person you want to mute. Next, tap on “.Friends” icon Next to the “Message” button. After that, tap on the “Take a Break” option.

The following steps are detailed below. Facebook will give you a number of privacy options to limit what the other user can and cannot see on your profile. You can also choose whether you want their posts to appear in your News Feed. This way you can easily take a break from someone on Facebook.

  • Using the Facebook App

one. Facebook app, open the person’s profile and tap the “Friends” button. Then select “Take a Break” from the drop-down menu.

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How To Take A Time Out From Someone On Facebook

3. When you do, you will see a list of options that will help you customize the user’s activity on Facebook about you. Firstly, Tap “See Options” under “See less of X” and select “Limit where you see the X”. After that, tap on “Save”. This will limit the person’s posts or tagged posts in your News Feed and Timeline. You’re also not asked to message the individual or tag photos that match their facial data.

How To Take A Time Out From Someone On Facebook

4. Then tap “See Options” under “Limit what X sees”. Here, select “Hide your posts from X” and tap “Save”. this action add person to Restricted Listand they can’t see or interact with any of your posts. Note that if you tagged the person or published a post publicly, the person can see those posts. You will take a break on Facebook in the future.

How To Take A Time Out From Someone On Facebook

5. Finally, tap on “See options” under “Edit who can see past posts” section. Here, “Edit all my posts and posts I’ve been tagged in” and tap on “Save”. This feature will limit the visibility of you and all your posts where the person is tagged. This means that these posts will not even be visible to your friends, except for other people tagged in these posts. Besides that, you won’t be tagged from the individual’s posts and vice versa. Finally, if you posted anything on the person’s timeline, it will be deleted and vice versa.

limit user

6. If you want reverse all changes then tap “Take a break” again from the user’s profile. Then open specific sections and restore changes so they can interact with you and see your posts. If you’re wondering how long it takes to take a Facebook break, let me explain that there is no limit. You will have to make the changes manually to revert all restrictions.

reverse the change

Take a Facebook Break to Improve Your Mental Health

This is how you can make peace with someone you disagree with by using the “Take a Break” feature on Facebook. It will not unfriend or block the user, but will virtually remove the user from your online social circle. If you’d like to learn more about such new Facebook features in 2021, head over to our dedicated article linked here. Also, if you’re worried about others spying on you, you can lock your Facebook profile in a few simple steps. Now if you have any questions, comment below.

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