How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S III?

Samsung Galaxy S III offers users two different ways to take screenshots.

One is easy, especially for older iPhone or iPad users. The other one is so hard that I don’t bother. When you really need each, let me show you how to do both.

Taking a screenshot with an Android phone used to involve rooting the device and installing an app, but later versions of Android and newer phones offer simpler ways to take screenshots. On the Samsung Galaxy S III, as with most modern Android phones, no one needs to operate their device to take a screenshot.

Why would anyone want to take a screenshot? If a user needs to write a how-to guide for others on the web or at their company, for application documentation, or to show their home screen setup to their friends, the user will want to take a snapshot of the screen. Sometimes I take a screenshot of a webpage to remind me to go back and browse the site. A kind of visual bookmark.

A user can take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S III in one of two ways.

The easy way is to press the home button and the power button at the same time.

If done properly, a white line will flash on the screen as if the phone is copying and the screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder within the Pictures folder on the internal SD card. Use the My Files app or another file explorer app to find the file. Gallery also lets you find the screenshot.

The phone also supports a gesture screenshot activation which is difficult to use. I kept accidentally opening apps or pulling down the notifications menu every time I tried it, but with practice it might appeal to some users.

Hold the phone with your palm covering the entire screen from top to bottom on the right side of the screen.

Make a fist and bend your wrist back at an uncomfortable angle. This helps make it easier to find the truth.

Swipe from right to left across the palm of the screen, being careful not to touch the screen until you are ready to swipe the screen.

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Screenshots go to the same folder with the simple method.

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