How to Take a Screenshot on LG V10

The brand new LG V10 smartphone is now available at most carriers in the United States and has a lot to offer. This unique phone has two screens, three cameras, a fingerprint scanner and more. However, a common question we still get is how to take a screenshot, and below we’ll explain how for LG V10 owners.

LG’s mobile phone is packed with advanced features and technologies. It’s like the LG G4 on steroids, but this time LG has replaced the power button on the back with a fingerprint scanner and screenshots are still done as usual. Whether you want to take a screenshot of funny posts on Facebook, memes on the web or even important emails, screenshots are an easy way to capture the important stuff right from your screen.

This feature or trick has worked the same way on Android for years, but it’s one that many new buyers should learn and start enjoying right away. Coming from a Samsung or Apple device, you must know how LG and most Android devices take screenshots. Below are simple instructions.

If you have owned an Android device in the last 2-3 years, you will already know how. Nothing has changed. However, if you are new to smartphones, an Android converter that leaves iPhone or Windows Phone, here we will explain how to take a screenshot.

For those who are confused. Screenshot is essentially what our smartphones capture and record whatever is on the screen, whenever it happens. It can be edited or cropped to get exactly what you want, can be shared and is extremely useful for a variety of uses.


As mentioned above, capturing screenshots on Android devices is ridiculously easy, and the same can be said for all LG phones. Simply both at the same time. This might sound strange as the LG V10 has buttons on the back, and it’s even harder now that the power key has a flush-mounted fingerprint scanner instead of a raised power button like on the G3 or LG G4.


On the LG V10, the round fingerprint scanner (wrapped in a thin metal ring) between the volume keys doubles as the power and wake button, and that’s what you need to press.

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Short press both the center round power button and the volume down key at the same time, hold for a while and release. I do it with one finger since they’re so close together, but holding the phone sideways and using two fingers will probably be easier for new owners until you’re comfortable with it.

The phone will have a camera “capture” some kind of shutter sound and record what is displayed on the screen. If you try and it doesn’t work, try again. It’s all about hitting them at the same time with a short pause and then letting go. Timing is everything and it’s easy once you understand it.

Screenshot 2015-11-18, 10.34.14 AM

From here the screenshot is saved as an image that can be found in the photo gallery app or quickly accessed from the notification popup bar. From here, users can quickly open the screenshot to share with a friend, edit or crop it, or send it in an email. The options are almost endless.

Also, the new 2.1-inch second screen on the LG V10 is one-touch accessible, making it even easier to access and open after taking a screenshot.