How to Take a Screenshot on HTC 10

Shiny new all-aluminum HTC 10 official with stylish design, new fingerprint scanner and impressive Hi-Fi boomsound speakers, and it’s coming soon. With a release date set for early May, users will be getting one soon. Once they do, the first question we always get is about screenshots. With that in mind, here we will explain how to take a screenshot on HTC 10.

HTC’s new phone is packed with lots of options and features, but in a very simple and elegant package. They dropped the weird designs, dual cameras, and bloatware in the software for a fluid experience across the board. It’s a pretty great phone, one we’d recommend with the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge right up there and over the LG G5.

It will appear as users start getting HTC 10 questions. It takes a screenshot that we often take. Owners receive screenshots of images or memes on Facebook or Twitter, snippets from an email, and other things to save or reshare. Taking screenshots is a useful feature that everyone uses and that all owners should know. So let’s get started.

If you’ve used an Android device in the past few years, you’ll be right at home, and that’s the case with pretty much any device not made by Samsung. The Galaxy series does things a little differently, but HTC screenshots are just like any other Android device and very similar to the iPhone.

All you have to do is hold down the two buttons at the same time, pause for a short while and you will see the screenshot taken and saved. Below are the full details and steps to take and save a screenshot on HTC 10.


As we said above, taking screenshots on HTC 10 is extremely easy and very simple. Just hold down a few buttons and you’re done.

Both buttons are on the same side, right edge, so owners may need to use both hands. All we have to do is press the HTC 10’s Power/Sleep button (middle right side) and volume down at the same time. Try it right now. Press the power and volume down button at the same time, hold for a while and release. Owners will hear and see the visual animation and the screenshot will be captured and saved.

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HTC-10 buttons

After visual confirmation (and camera shutter type audio), the screenshot captures whatever is displayed on the screen and is now ready to use. Pulling down the notification bar allows users to access the screenshot. This can be opened in a text, email or social networks from the notification bar and instantly shared, or swipe to delete if you just want to save it for later.

Owners can tap the share button and instantly post, edit a screenshot, or continue whatever they’re doing using a variety of methods.

Each screenshot is also saved on the smartphone’s internal 32GB storage in a separate folder titled “screenshots” in the gallery app for easy access.

That’s it, we’re all done! Now you have learned to capture whatever is on your smartphone screen quickly and easily to share or save. Previous HTC devices had a quick setting to take screenshots in the notification bar, but on our unlocked global model this no longer appears as an option. That’s good, because the button combination is the quickest and easiest method everyone is used to. That’s it, start capturing and recording screenshots on your HTC 10 and stay tuned for more news, coverage, and how-to guides in the near future.