How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Appointments, project deadlines, holidays are just a few of the many events that fill calendars.

Google Calendar support is built into Android smartphones, but that doesn’t make the iPhone hang.

Syncing your Google Calendar to iPhone is much better than using Safari to look up appointments and includes a number of additional benefits.

With a few easy steps, you can sync your Google Calendar with the iPhone calendar app. This includes all events, meetings, reminders and recurring appointments.

Scroll down and

Mail, Contacts, Calendars


If Gmail is not synced with your device, tap on it and enter your username and password.


Once calendars are turned ON, Google will start syncing the calendar to iPhone.

To check that the calendar is synced


After the calendar is loaded

Tap here

If the gmail account open for syncing calendars shows up with a check mark in the settings, it’s set up correctly.


If there are multiple calendars that need to be synced to iPhone, use the same process for each account. iOS devices and Macs using iCloud already share calendars by default, as shown in the screenshot above.

Another point to note is that an event can be created on iPhone, Google calendar or any other program and it will still be synced. It doesn’t just need to be entered into Google Calendar to sync across devices.

In general, syncing iPhone with google calendar is very helpful if you have many events filling up your calendar.

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