How to Switch to Compact View in New Gmail?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to switch to compact view in the new Gmail. Basically, to make your Gmail now look like Google used to irregular A brand new style on the desktop. Then, in February of 2019, these changes, Mobile version of Gmailand here’s how to change that.

Google’s new look offers an incognito mode, smart replies, email snooze, and a sleek new design. However, humans are creatures of habit, and the new “Default” view in Gmail with inline attachments and large white spaces is a big change that you might not like.

Fortunately, there are many options and controls, including changing the screen style. This allows you to change how much space each email takes up in your inbox. So, if you don’t like the new style, our guide below will show you how to set the Gmail view to compact.

Change Inbox Screen to Compact View (Or Casual View) in New Gmail

Whether you’re on Google Chrome or any other browser, the easy steps below will work anywhere. Also, they are saved in your account and remain no matter what device or browser you use in the future.

You will see an instant difference in the preview when you tap on the different modes, so choose what you want and hit OK. Now you can see more messages on a single page and not have as much space for attachments and images filling the inbox.

Personally, the casual look in the new Gmail is the best for me. That way each email doesn’t take up too much space, but isn’t close together enough to be hard to read. Using Compact View in Gmail was too small for my liking, but to each his own.

How to Change Gmail Style on Mobile (iPhone or Android)

At the end of January and early February of 2019, Google made these changes to the mobile app as well. We’re replacing Gmail for mobile for the first time in several years. Now, the whole interface is white, there is tons of space and each plugin takes up more space. Basically, we can’t see too many emails at once without scrolling.

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Fortunately, you can choose from the same display modes on mobile devices.

Other details

It is worth noting that the temporary option is no longer available. Basically, once your desktop and mobile version gets this new Gmail, there’s no going back. Your only option is to change the viewing mode as we explained above.

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