How to Swear to Alexa on Amazon Echo, Android, and iOS

Amazon Alexa is a family-friendly voice assistant; it mostly neither uses nor ignores strong language and the use of profanity. That said, you can still have Alexa’s bipedal virtual assistant use profanity and rudeness almost anytime you want. Today, we’re going to show you how you can make Alexa swear using a few easy tricks.

Swear Alexa with Ease

It is important to understand that Alexa does not officially use any profanity. However, in this article we will explain some workarounds you can use to trick the software into turning it into a pot. The methods will work on both the Alexa mobile app and Echo devices. So, without further delay, let’s see how you can get Amazon Alexa to use profanity and profanity.

1. Alexa Announcements

Probably the easiest way to make Alexa swear is to ‘announce’ something with the cursed definition. Of course, the most terrible curses are still forbidden, but still moron, ass****, d***head, etc. It allows some with a PG rating, such as To do this, you issue the voice command: “Alexa, declare John Doe a moron” (or something a little vulgar).

Of course, you can also do this from the Alexa app by going to “Contact -> Announce” and typing in your NSFW announcement. The voice assistant will read anything you type and broadcast it in your home. You should be careful when using this feature and you should not make abusive speech in your children’s room.

2. Samuel L. Jackson Voice Skill

Amazon introduced the Samuel L. Jackson Alexa voice in 2019 with just a few commands and responses. It has since added 30,000 new emoticons and a special wake-up word, including five times the explicit content. Sure, it’ll cost you $4.99, but it’s a top-notch feature that brings some of the theater’s most ridiculous curses in unyielding style.

Samuel L Jackson

After making the purchase, be sure to turn off the on filter (Settings -> Music -> Open Filter) to get started. Then, every time you ask Alexa to remind you of something, expect Sam Jackson to say: “I don’t remind you of $hit.” Of course, Alexa will still remind you of the $hit, but will use curses during this time.

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Check out the Samuel L. Jackson Alexa skill ($4.99)

3. Simon Says Skill

The ‘Simon Says’ ability is another tried and tested way to get Alexa to repeat swear words. Once again, the most vulgar swearing is prohibited, but you can get around it by: using words that are phonetically similar, such as using ‘sss’, ‘fudge’ or ‘faulk’ instead of the f word.

Simon Says

For some inspiration on some of the bad-sounding words that might pass Alexa, take a look here: rhyme zoneoffering a ton of similar sounding options.

Check out Simon Says Alexa skill (free)

4. Private Q&A with Amazon Plans

Amazon announced Alexa Skill Plans several years ago to help users create their own custom Alexa responses for any query. As you’d expect, people soon learned that they could use this to get Alexa to use profanity. They can now have the assistant answer reasonable questions in seemingly abusive tirades using similar-sounding words.

Amazon Alexa Skill Plans

For example, you could ask – “Alexa, do you think I’m funny?” and will reply with “I do not think so.” Now that’s priceless, isn’t it?

Swear to Alexa on Your Echo, Android or iOS Device

Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant has thousands of skills in its repertoire, including controlling any smart IoT device, setting timers, weather updates, creating lists, reading daily news and more. While he’s usually a very rudimentary and convenient family-friendly assistant, you can turn him into a mouthful degenerate using our tutorial above. So go ahead, try these methods and let us know which ones worked best for you.

If you have any workarounds to turn Alexa into a bumbling assistant, let us know in the comments and we’ll try them out.

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